nobody knows your LAWN like Zamzows

After years of struggling with poor results using large name brand chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides. Zamzows began to look deeper and found that any healthy lawn begins with a healthy soil. While most fertilizers only add the “big three” Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, they neglect nearly all the other essential nutrients needed to create a healthy medium for your grass to grow. This is the reason Zamzows set out to produce the best fertilizers and amendments for any lawn. Using our specially formulated products will not just green your lawn, they will enrich your soil making it stronger so your lawn can fight off infections and recover from damaging bugs faster. So if you have been struggling with your lawn and aren’t sure where to turn, remember we were there once too and we have been working on the answers for over 80 years.

Nobody knows your GARDEN like Zamzows

There is a story that Jim tells that pretty much sums up the Zamzows philosophy when it comes to taking care of a garden. The story is about an encounter he had with his Grandma Carmalita (Grandma Z.)

"She then showed Jim a picture of Grandpa Zamzow standing on a hay derrick holding his shovel high in the air, with the corn as high as the shovel. Carmalita explained that was the size and quality of corn they always grew. Plus, they never had any corn-ear-worm, corn borer, corn smut, or any of the other insects and diseases that seemed to plague other farmers. The other farmers, she told Jim, all applied chemical fertilizer which made their corn grow very rapidly for several years. Then, they all were plagued by the insects and diseases she described above. She told Jim she always suspected it had something to do with the use of chemical fertilizers. Although he says he really didn’t believe it, Grandma Z’s story was firmly implanted in Jim’s mind."

There are unintended consequences when using chemical based fertilizers and many of them will not manifest for a number of years. This type of feeding neglects the important micronutrients and carbon which is necessary for the delicate balance of a soils eco-system. In seeking this balance Zamzows has developed products for your garden that brings everything into balance, so you have the healthiest garden possible.

Nobody knows your PET like Zamzows

We know they’re more than just pets. They become an important part of our family. They even become a part of our store locations. Almost every Zamzows location has a store cat ​because we know what it means to have a pet close by. For more than 80 years, Zamzows has been searching for ways to keep your, and our, family pets healthy. We pride ourselves in formulating the best feed and supplements for any animal, large or small. You can have peace of mind knowing that if we wouldn’t feed it to our own animals, we would never sell it to you. We want nothing more than to give your family as many years as possible with your beloved pets. To assure this quality, Zamzows formulates each of our pet foods and have them made as close to us as possible so you receive the freshest, most nutritious, food possible.

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