Why Do People Add Zamzows Enzam to Their Pet’s Food?

Why Do People Add Zamzows Enzam to Their Pet’s Food?

Zamzows has been in the feed business since 1933, starting with farm animals and quickly adapting our formulas to meet the nutritional needs of companion animals. Over the decades, we have formulated and learned a lot about helping our beloved pets be healthy and the best recommendation we can make regardless of what food you’re feeding is to add Zamzows Enzam Nutritional Supplement.

That said, the number one question we receive about adding a supplement to dog and cat food is:

“If pet food is “complete” and already contains a supplement, why do I need to add more?”

To answer this question, it helps to understand how dog and cat food is made.

It starts with ingredient choices.

All dog and cat foods start with raw ingredients including a protein source, fat, and depending on the food, any number of other ingredients to fill out the formula. Super-premium foods use high-quality, raw ingredients. Concerned pet owners paying more for quality foods are choosing brands that start with better ingredients. It is important to note that ALL kibbles (regardless of quality) are required to meet basic nutritional needs by adding a standard vitamin/mineral mix to their raw ingredient mix. Further, most manufacturers use the same basic nutrient additive to “check the box” of fulfilling only basic nutrient requirements set by governing officials.

All kibbles and canned food are cooked.

After mixing everything together, pet foods are then required to be cooked. Manufacturers must raise the temperature of ingredients high enough to cook the food and kill pathogens. But they also use this cooking process to form the kibble and make it a dry food. This cooking process not only denatures protein and enzymes (changing their natural state), it also destroys many of the benefits of the heat-sensitive nutritional additives. Asking your dog to eat a cooked, dead food every day is not different from we humans eating only cooked foods. We know the health benefits of eating natural, raw food versus eating dead, cooked food. That is why our mothers forced us to eat our vegetables when we were growing up and why we (hopefully) continue to eat them to this day. We know that raw is better for our health because the nutrients haven’t been destroyed by heat. The same is true for our pets. All kibble (and all canned food) has been heat processed and therefore the nutrients have been changed.

Let’s go back to the standard vitamin/mineral packs in dog food.

A good reason for adding Zamzows Enzam Supplement to our pets’ food is that not all supplements are the same. We know that the supplement packs in dog food get cooked, but most of the minerals used are inorganic and therefore not usable by our animals’ bodies. Minerals must be attached to a protein in order for our pets’ bodies to use them, but this is expensive and is not required by the pet food industry’s governing body. Most supplements (and this is true in the human supplement industry as well) are still in the inorganic “rock” form and animals simply take them in and send them back out the other end as waste without using them. For a supplement to have health benefits, it needs to be absorbable and easily used by your pet’s body. Enzam contains body-ready nutrients.