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Callie Zamzow is a 4th generation leader of her family’s 90+ year old business based in Boise, Idaho. She hosts The Zamzows Show, where she shares her knowledge, musings, and anecdotes on gardening, pets, family business, and more. Leave her a voicemail with your question and she’ll offer up answers, advice, and likely a few stories. New episodes of The Zamzows Show drop weekly. You can record your questions for Callie at:

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June Episodes

Callie & Jim Zamzow talk about Zamzow family Father's Day Traditions & Values. Episode 382 - aired 6/15/24
Honey Bees with Eric Teichert. Episode 381 - aired 6/8/24
Rescue & Frisbee Fun: A Chat with DJ Bruce of Lake Lowell Animal Rescue. Episode 380 - aired 6/1/24

May Episodes

Lawn Care FAQs Unearthed: Part Two Episode 379 - aired 5/25/24
Growing tomatoes and Peppers with Chris Owings. Episode 378 - aired 5/18/24
Mother's Day Traditions with Faye Zamzow. Episode 377 - aired 5/11/24
Answering Common Lawn & Garden Questions with Jos and Matt. Episode 376 - aired 5/4/24

April Episodes

Callie and Jos Zamzow Live! Lawn, Garden, & Listeners Calls Episode 375 - aired 4/27/24
Spring Lawn Repair with Chris Owings! Episode 374 - aired 4/20/24
"Digging Deep into Idaho Gardening" with Brooke Haydon! Episode 373 - aired 4/13/24
Digging Deeper: Exploring Soil and Amendments (Re-airing) Episode 372 - re-aired 4/6/24

The Zamzows Show

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