The Zamzows Label

We make products that get the job done right. Made specifically for use right here in The Treasure Valley area, we've got a product for all your lawn, garden, and pet needs.

Grandma Z's Story

During the hardest years of the Depression, Carmelita Zamzow, a local Treasure Valley woman was facing some very difficult times with her husband, August. In addition to losing a child to the Spanish Flu, they were forced to sell their farm and start over with their remaining four children. They chose to invest in a feed store in Boise that they named “Zamzows”. For an ambitious woman like Carmelita, the opportunity to help the animals of Southern Idaho sparked her passion. Using formulas from The University of Idaho as a starting point, she began to develop feeds and products that she made by hand.  She used the highest quality, local ingredients. She was a pioneer in the mindset that what we feed our animals makes the biggest difference in their health and longevity, and she insisted that the products provided value to customers. Grandma lived to be almost 105 years old and was a trusted advisor to the company until the day she died. Today, the “Grandma Z’s” brand, and the products that carry its name, honor her passion for the highest quality ingredients, animal health, and value.

Zamzows Lawn & Garden

Treasure Valley specific lawn & garden products that get the job done right, with a clean & natural ingredient list.