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Zamzows Huma Green
Zamzows Huma Green

Zamzows Huma Green


Product Information

Zamzows Huma Green is an organic-based fertilizer that greens your lawn without excessive growth! Adding Huma Green to your lawn allows you to use less water and still achieve thriving, lush, green grass!

Adding Huma Green to a lawn helps break down hard clay soil. This helps to increase water penetration and retention, allowing you to use less water to and attain greener grass. Huma Green also adds vital humus, iron, and other nutrients to build healthy soil and helps decompose excessive thatch.

This formula was specifically blended for hard clay alkaline soils. All of our Zamzows Lawn Program Fertilizers (Lawn Food, Recharger, and Huma Green) are safe for children and pets (take that Weed ‘n Feed)! You will have the peace of mind that you are not harming the environment as well as bragging rights to the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, guaranteed!

Huma Green was developed by Jim Zamzow and is available exclusively at Zamzows.

Zamzows Huma Green is excluded from our Free Shipping offer.

Product Highlights:
- Safe for kids, pets, and aquifers
- Environmentally friendly
- Greens without excessive growth
- Easy to apply
- Improves soil conditions for better aeration and moisture retention
- Ideal non-staining iron source for all for lawns, trees, flowers and vegetables
- All natural iron source and humus soil conditioner

Why feeding your lawn Zamzows Huma Green is necessary:


When people mow their lawn, sometimes they remove the grass clippings. By not returning any of this natural plant material to the soil, it is left low in organic compounds and microbe populations are reduced. Eventually the microbes are reduced to a point that the soil is hard and organically dead. Huma Green will rebuild depleted soils and produce a lush green lawn that’s naturally resistant to insects and disease!

Spreader Settings:

Zamzows Brand Spreader
10 (2 bags/2,500 sq. ft.)

Scotts Speedygreen 3000 (Broadcast Spreader)

10 (2 bags/2,500 sq.ft.)

Spreader settings listed are approximations only. Variables include the condition of the spreader, speed of application, and the roughness of the area treated. Double-check your spreader settings beforehand and consult the owner’s manual.

Directions for Huma Green Lawn Food:
- Apply to established lawns at a rate of 20-lbs. per 1000 sq. ft.
- For plants and shrub beds apply ½ lbs. per sq. yd.

Try to water in the early morning or late evening for 10 to 15 minutes.