Zamzows Huma Green

Important Application Information for Zamzows Huma Green. Step three of the Zamzows Lawn Program.

Application Information

Mow First

Mow your lawn before applying lawn products.

Spreader Settings

Step one spreader settings
Scotts Drop Spreader isn't recommended.
Scotts Broadcast Spreaders - 10

Water After

Water for 15-30 minutes after application.

Additional Reading

Other Uses For Zamzows Huma Green.

During the summer months, you hear a lot about Zamzows Huma Green. If you’re on our Zamzows Lawn Program, you already know how your lawn benefits from this application. The grass is greener, it holds water better, and it doesn’t grow as much during the summer months. Have you ever thought “What if I used Huma Green in my garden?” Read More.

How Long Should I Water My Lawn

Many people have been requesting a monthly lawn watering guide.  I have hesitated to create it for a while because it is a really difficult question to answer in a broad sense.  There are just too many variables. Read More.

Preventing Heat Stress in Your Lawn

Our winters are cold and often dry. Spring changes quickly to summer, and rainfall is drastically less than the rest of Pacific Northwest. In reality, we’re a northwest and southern climate blend. This creates some interesting challenges for our lawns to overcome. Read More.