Other Uses For Zamzows Huma Green.

Other Uses For Zamzows Huma Green.

That Time of Year

During the summer months, you hear a lot about Zamzows Huma Green. If you’re on our Zamzows Lawn Program, you already know how your lawn benefits from this application. The grass is greener, it holds water better, and it doesn’t grow as much during the summer months. Have you ever thought “What if I used Huma Green in my garden?” Today we are going to talk about a few places that will greatly benefit from using Zamzows Huma Green.

  1. Vegetable Bed Amendment

    One of the greatest benefits to growing our vegetables is the superior taste. Have you ever wondered why that is? Our vegetables taste can be directly tied to the nutrition in the soil. Zamzows Huma Green has a lot of iron and its full of a large variety of other micronutrients that will boost the health of your soil and fill your vegetables with amazing taste!

  2. Overseeding Cover

    Typically, when seeding a lawn you will want to cover your seed with something. Compost or peat moss can be used to great effect. However, overseeding introduces some interesting obstacles. Spreading those products can be a little tricky when there is already grass present. I started using Zamzows Huma Green as a cover when overseeding with amazing results. After spreading your seed, a regular application of Zamzows Huma green will cover the seed just enough to retain the right amount of moisture to assure sprouting.

  3. Top Dressing After Aeration

    Aeration is something that should be done to your lawn every few years or so. If you have a highly compacted soil you may even want to do it every year. The real benefit to aeration comes in the top dressing that should be done afterward. There are many top dressings that can be used, but guess which one I am going to recommend? That’s right, Zamzows Huma Green! It will be easier to spread than most other top dressings, and the nutrition and soil complexity it adds is priceless.

  4. Just More

    Using Zamzows Huma Green once a year in the Summer is great. When it comes to Zamzows Huma Green, however, more is better. You can literally apply Zamzows Huma Green every time you fertilize your lawn. Those that can commit to this regiment will be astounded by the results. You will enjoy the fullest, greenest lawn you will ever see. As you can see, Zamzows Huma Green is a very diverse product. Let’s face it when something is good for plants, it’s good for all plants. What Zamzows Huma Green brings to the table is a diverse and complex meal that all living plants will benefit from.