Zamzows Shady Lawn Seed 5 LB


Zamzows Shady Lawn 5 LB Grass Seed, the superior blend specifically formulated to bring life to shady lawns in the beautiful Treasure Valley of Idaho. This meticulously crafted grass seed blend is designed to thrive in areas with partial shade throughout the day, offering a lush and vibrant lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood.


Whether you are starting a new lawn or looking to revitalize an existing one, Zamzows Shady Lawn is the perfect choice. Its unique composition combines the finest grass seed varieties, each carefully selected for their ability to flourish in shady conditions. For larger jobs, Zamzows also offers Zamzows Shady Lawn grass seed in 25-pound bags


The Zamzows Shady Lawn 5 LB Grass Seed features a precise blend of high-quality ingredients to ensure optimal growth and resilience. Let's take a closer look at its exceptional components:


1. Creeping Red Fescue (38.24%):

   - Germination rate: 85%

   - Origin: Canada & Oregon

   - This hardy variety of fescue is renowned for its shade tolerance and ability to establish deep roots, providing excellent coverage in shaded areas.


2. Perennial Ryegrass (19.49%):

   - Germination rate: 85%

   - Origin: Oregon

   - Perennial ryegrass brings its rapid germination and establishment properties to the mix, helping to fill in bare spots and create a thick, lush turf in shady conditions.


3. Kentucky Bluegrass (9.45%):

   - Germination rate: 85%

   - Origin: Washington

   - Known for its durability and exceptional aesthetics, Kentucky bluegrass adds a touch of elegance to your lawn while contributing to its overall resilience and adaptability.


Zamzows Shady Lawn Grass Seed is carefully formulated to ensure optimal results. For new lawns, a recommended seeding rate of one pound per 200 square feet is advised, while overseeding existing turf should follow a rate of one pound per 150 square feet. For best results, sow the seed during the spring or fall, when the conditions are most favorable for establishment and growth.


To provide your seeds with an extra boost of nutrients and protection during germination, Zamzows suggests using Zamzows Compost Plus as a cover. This premium-grade compost promotes healthy seedling establishment and fosters a lush, vibrant lawn. 


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Invest in Zamzows Shady Lawn 5 LB Grass Seed and transform your shaded lawn into a thriving oasis of greenery. Experience the beauty of a healthy lawn even in the most challenging lighting conditions. With Zamzows Shady Lawn, your shade will become a source of pride and admiration.

38.24% Creeping Red Fescue - Germination rate 85% - Origin: Canada & Oregon
19.49% Perennial Ryegrass - Germination rate 85% - Origin: Oregon
9.45% Kentucky Bluegrass -  Germination rate 85% - Origin Washington
0.50% other crop seed
2.22% inert matter
.10% weed seed
Noxious Weed - None38% Boreal Creeping Red Fescue
32% Radar Chewings Fescue
20%  Buccaneer II Perennial Ryegrass
6% Kenblue Kentucky Bluegrass