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Zamzows Shady Lawn 25 LB

Zamzows Shady Yard Lawn Blend is ideal for lawns in partial shade throughout the day. It can be used to seed a new lawn or overseed an existing lawn. Lawns in full to partial shade will need to be reseeded more regularly to maintain a full turf. Seed new lawns at a rate of one pound to 200 square feet. Overseed existing turf at a rate of one pound to 150 square feet. Sow in spring or fall for best results. 

38.24% Creeping Red Fescue - Germination rate 85% - Origin: Canada & Oregon
19.49% Perennial Ryegrass - Germination rate 85% - Origin: Oregon
9.45% Kentucky Bluegrass -  Germination rate 85% - Origin Washington
0.50% other crop seed
2.22% inert matter
.10% weed seed
Noxious Weed - None