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Zamzows Compost Plus 1 CUFT
Zamzows Compost Plus 1 CUFT

Zamzows Compost Plus 1 CUFT


Product Information

Zamzows™ Compost Plus is an all-purpose, naturally sourced mulch used as a top dressing for all outdoor gardens, flower beds, or as a seed cover for new lawns and gardens. Use Zamzows Compost Plus to break up heavy clay soils and improve water-holding capacity in sandy soils. 

This mix contains a blend of compost and Canadian Sphagnum peat moss. 

Directions for use
For gardens and planting beds:

Till or work in two to four inches of Zamzows Compost Plus into four to six inches of the existing soil. Zamzows Compost Plus may be used as a garden mulch between rows for better moisture retention during the growing season. 
For New Lawns:
Spread a layer of Zamzows Compost Plus over newly seeded lawns to stabilize the seed and retain surface moisture and improve germination. 

Close the bag after use to prevent the product from drying out. To achieve maximum plant growth, avoid excessive drying or over-watering and apply fertilizer as recommended on the fertilizer package. 

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