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Spring To-Do List For Your Yard and Garden

Spring To-Do List For Your Yard and Garden

What - If Anything - Should I Be Doing in My Yard and Garden in Early Spring?

We all get that natural spring cleaning bug that creeps in when the weather starts to warm up. This is the perfect time to embrace that extra energy and take it outside! The following are a few items to put on your spring to-do list for the lawn and garden. 

General Clean Up

Early spring is a great time to get into your flower beds and clean them up. Debris from winter storms blows into our yards, so use this time to get out there and pick up wrappers, leaves, limbs and more to clean up your lawn and beds. This is also a great time to pick up dog poop and throw it away. Do not try to compost animal feces or wrappers, but certainly add leaves and other organic matter to your compost pile.

Pruning Back Perennials and Grasses

Now is a good time to remove any dead leaves and stalks from perennials as well as cutting down grasses. But please be cautious to check for wildlife that may be nesting in these areas and if possible don’t disturb them.

Now is the Time to Apply the ONE-TWO PUNCH to Your Trees and Shrubs

The Zamzows “One-Two Punch” is a combined application of Zamzows Tree & Shrub and Zamzows Thrive. Tree & Shrub is a systemic insecticide that you apply at the base of your tree. The tree then pulls the substance up the trunk, to protect your tree from boring, sucking, and chewing insects for up to 12 months! The application of Thrive helps nourish your tree and build the health of the soil that the tree is planted in. So, the One-Two Punch kills the insects while building the health of your trees and shrubs.

Feed Your Lawn

Now is the time to apply a heavy dose of Zamzows Spring and Summer Lawn Food (If you’re on the Zamzows Lawn Program, this is step one). Spring and Summer Lawn Food is one of the best naturally-based fertilizers because it contains slow-release ingredients and vital trace minerals. This grass-building formula was specifically blended for our alkaline Southern Idaho soil. Zamzows Lawn Food improves our heavy clay soil conditions with better aeration and moisture retention. With this fertilizer, you will have the peace of mind that you are not harming the environment and that you will have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood guaranteed! This all-natural fertilizer can be used on fully mature or new lawns.

Apply Pre-Emergent

Did you battle Crabgrass last year? Then you’ll want to apply a pre-emergent this spring to prevent crabgrass from coming back this year. Crabgrass seed germinates when the soil temperature reaches about 55-60 degrees, but rather than fussing about that, just watch for the forsythias blooming in your yard and neighborhood and that’s when you apply the pre-emergent.

Spray Your Fruit Trees With Dormant Oil.

Dormant oil is a great way to get a jump start controlling the bugs that want to eat your fruit. Dormant oil is an organic way to reduce the populations of bugs. If you need to prune your trees, take care of that first. Then spray when you're finished.




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