Zamzows Heat And Drought Tolerant 5 LB
Zamzows Heat And Drought Tolerant 5 LB

Zamzows Heat And Drought Tolerant 5 LB


Product Information

Zamzows Heat And Drought Tolerant 5 LB: The Perfect Turf Grass Blend for Smaller Projects

Attention homeowners in Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, and nearby cities near our 13 Zamzows locations! Achieve a vibrant, resilient lawn even in the face of challenging conditions with Zamzows Heat And Drought Tolerant 5 LB. This meticulously blended turf grass is specifically formulated to thrive in your local climate and soil, ensuring exceptional results.

Whether you're looking to enhance the beauty of your lawn or improve its drought tolerance, Zamzows Heat And Drought Tolerant 5 LB is the ideal solution. Crafted with care, this blend offers unparalleled performance for homeowners who desire the best turf grass around their residences.

For smaller lawn projects, Zamzows recommends using this 5-pound bag, which covers up to 1,000 square feet. With its precise blend of seed varieties, Zamzows Heat And Drought Tolerant ensures optimal growth and a lush, green lawn. Please note that if you have a larger area to cover, we also offer Zamzows Heat And Drought Tolerant in a 25-pound bag, which covers an impressive 4,000 square feet.

When seeding a new lawn with Zamzows Heat And Drought Tolerant 5 LB, apply one pound of the blend per 150 square feet for best results. This combination of carefully selected seed varieties guarantees a lawn that can withstand drought conditions and flourish throughout the year. However, please be aware that overseeding with this blend is not recommended unless your existing lawn already features similar grass varieties.

In just 20 to 27 days, you will witness the germination process taking place, with the first signs of a resilient and healthy lawn emerging. The blend consists of the following seed variety percentages: 33.63% Valkyrie LS Tall Fescue, 29.04% Avenger Tall Fescue, and 16.95% Firecracker G-LS Tall Fescue.

To provide your seeds with an extra boost of nutrients and protection during germination, Zamzows suggests using Zamzows Compost Plus as a cover. This premium-grade compost promotes healthy seedling establishment and fosters a lush, vibrant lawn. 

Are you interested in learning more about reseeding bald spots in your lawn? We've got you covered! Check out our informative article titled "Reseeding The Bald Spots in Your Lawn" for expert advice and valuable insights on achieving a flawless and uniform lawn. 

Transform your lawn into a resilient oasis with Zamzows Heat And Drought Tolerant 5 LB, the perfect blend of turf grasses for smaller projects. Experience the difference and create a stunning lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy. Shop now and unlock the secrets to a vibrant, drought-tolerant lawn that thrives year-round.

Stingray Tall Fescue - 34.22%
Spyder LS Tall Fescue - 34.21%
Super Sonic Tall Fescue - 29.51%
Crop - .15%
Inert - 1.81%
Weed - .10%