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Zamzows Heat And Drought Tolerant 5 LB

Zamzows Heat and Drought Lawn Blend is our toughest most drought-resistant blend available in Idaho. If you are looking for a lower-growing turf that requires less water once established, this is a great option. Zamzows Heat and Drought uses a blend of three tall fescue varieties that stand up to the hottest Idaho summers. You will want to know that these grasses are thinner than most and will not look like most traditional lawns. Sow seed in spring or fall. Germination of these fescue blends takes a little longer. You should see germination in 20 - 27 days. Use Zamzows Heat and Drought Lawn Blend to seed a new lawn at one pound per 150 square feet. It is not recommended as an overseed unless you have already established your lawn with similar varieties. It will not match other lawn varieties. If you are overseeding a similar lawn use one pound per 150 square feet. 

Stingray Tall Fescue - 34.22%
Spyder LS Tall Fescue - 34.21%
Super Sonic Tall Fescue - 29.51%
Crop - .15%
Inert - 1.81%
Weed - .10%