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Zamzows Custom Lawn Mix 25 LB

Zamzows Custom Lawn Blend is the ideal seed blend for Treasure Valley lawns. Our blend of three high-performing grass seeds assures your lawn will stand up to the harshest conditions Idaho has to offer. Use Zamzows Custom Seed Blend for seeding a new lawn at one pound to 200 square feet, and overseeding at one pound per 150 square feet. Germination will be seen in 14-21 days. 

58% Perennial Rye Grass - Germination Rate 90% - Origin: Oregon
12.05% Kentucky Blue Grass - Germination Rate 85% - Origin: Washington
7.10% Creeping Red Fescue - Germination Rate 85% - Origin: Canada
.50% other crop seed
2.25% inert matter
.10% weed seed