Dr Jim Z Three Two One Grow Planting Tablets


Dr. JimZ Three Two One Grow Planting Tablets – the ultimate solution to reduce transplant shock and ensure thriving plants in your garden, landscape, or pot. These revolutionary fertilizer tablets are specially designed to enhance the transplanting process, harnessing the power of a beneficial symbiotic fungus called Mycorrhiza. Say goodbye to plant stress and hello to healthy, vibrant growth!

With Dr. JimZ Three Two One Grow, you'll experience the magic of inosculating your soil, creating an ideal environment for newly transplanted plants. By accelerating the growth of symbiotic fungi around the plant's roots, our tablets significantly reduce transplant shock and minimize the risk of plant death during this crucial phase.

What sets Three Two One Grow apart is its unique formula, enriched with 11 species of Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae. This tubular fungus acts as an extension of the root system, facilitating enhanced nutrient and water absorption. The result? Stronger, more resilient plants, trees, shrubs, and even roses, right from the start. Experience the incredible benefits of these extraordinary tablets!

Designed for gardeners, growers, and nurseries alike, Dr. JimZ Three Two One Grow Tablets are easy to use and work wonders on all types of soil. Whether you're planting trees, vegetables, perennials, bedding plants, or any other green treasures, our tablets are the perfect companion for successful transplants.

Compressed with a high mineral clay deposit, these tablets are 100% toxin-free and incredibly cost-effective. Simply add them to the planting hole, and they will naturally break down over time. No need for mixing or crushing – it's as simple as that!

For even more exceptional results, consider pairing Dr. JimZ Three Two One Grow with Zamzows Thrive fertilizer. This dynamic duo will expedite the inoculation of the fungus, further reducing transplant stress and optimizing plant health. To purchase Zamzows Thrive fertilizer, click [here](insert link). 

Experience the transformative power of Dr. JimZ Three Two One Grow Planting Tablets – available exclusively at all local Zamzows Garden Centers, including our convenient Nampa, Boise, and Meridian locations. Give your plants the best start possible and witness the remarkable difference for yourself. Don't let transplant shock hinder your garden's potential – choose Dr. JimZ Three Two One Grow today!