Black Gold Seedling Mix 16 QT
Black Gold Seedling Mix 16 QT

Black Gold Seedling Mix 16 QT

Product Information

Introducing Black Gold Seedling Mix 16 QT - The Ultimate Choice for Thriving Seeds and Cuttings!

Are you passionate about growing healthy and vibrant vegetables and herbs from seeds or cuttings? Look no further! Our Black Gold Seedling Mix 16 QT is meticulously crafted to provide your young plants with the perfect start they deserve.

Key Features:
1. Organic Wetting Agent: Our Seedling Mix is enriched with an organic wetting agent, ensuring even water distribution throughout the soil. This optimizes moisture retention, promoting robust root development and preventing overwatering.
2. Perlite for Aeration: The inclusion of Perlite in our mix enhances aeration in the root zone, facilitating vital oxygen flow to the plant roots. This encourages healthy growth and prevents the risk of root rot, giving your plants the best chance to thrive.
3. RESiLIENCE® for Stronger Roots: Black Gold's proprietary RESiLIENCE® technology enhances the mix, stimulating root growth and strengthening young plants' resilience against environmental stressors.
4. Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss: Known for its exceptional water-holding capacity, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss acts as a natural reservoir for moisture, reducing the frequency of watering and providing a nurturing environment for delicate seedlings.

Why Choose Black Gold Seedling Mix 16 QT?
1. Superior Plant Growth: Our Seedling Mix is expertly formulated to provide the ideal balance of nutrients, aeration, and moisture, promoting faster and healthier plant growth.
2. Versatility: Whether you're starting vegetables or herbs, this mix caters perfectly to the needs of various seeds and cuttings, giving them a head start in their growth journey.
3. Easy to Use: The lightweight and well-textured mix ensure easy handling, making it a breeze to pot up your seeds or cuttings without any hassle.
4. Trusted Brand: Black Gold is a renowned name in the gardening community, known for producing high-quality products that gardeners trust and rely on.

Where to Buy:
You can conveniently order the Black Gold Seedling Mix 16 QT online, and for a more personal touch, visit any of our local Zamzows garden centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. Experience the joy of gardening with Black Gold!

Give your seeds and cuttings the gift of exceptional care and attention with our Black Gold Seedling Mix 16 QT. Unlock the secret to successful gardening from the very beginning and witness your plants flourish like never before. Don't miss this opportunity to nurture your garden dreams!