Senior Dog Wellness and Care

Senior Dog Wellness and Care

Proper Nutrition

Ensuring proper pet nutrition is very important, even more so in older dogs. As dogs get older their digestive system becomes less efficient. So feeding a high quality easily digestible formula becomes crucial.

Not Just About Numbers

Looking at the numbers (protein, Fat, and Fiber) will often be misleading. The source of these items greatly influences digestibility. There are many sources of protein, but they are not always what is best for your dog. A leather shoe is 47% protein but only 5% digestible. A formula with a high amount of meat will give your pet a higher protein content and a higher rate of digestibility. Grain free formulas are a great way to meet these requirements. When we formulate a dog food we aim to keep the digestibility above 85%. This will assure an aging pup always gets the most from his dry food.


Supplementation is another important consideration for aging pets. Hip dysplasia is very common and not just in large dogs. Glucosamine and chondroitin are great supplements to start your dog on as soon as possible. Once they begin to develop problems these can begin to repair the damage and increase activity level. We also offer a great multi-purpose supplement called Zamzows Enzam that Jim Zamzow formulated. This supplement has living enzymes, digestive aids, and a fully chelated mineral package. It is designed to synthesize the way your dog would have eaten had it never been domesticated.