Preparing Your Pets for Warmer Weather

Preparing Your Pets for Warmer Weather

Summer Happens Fast

With spring comes revitalization and the promise of resuming all of your favorite outdoor activities. However, spring can quickly come and pass, leaving us with the heat of summer before we realize. Being prepared for seasonal changes is part of being a responsible pet owner. Take care of those that rely on you, by making preparations to keep them safe and happy in the warmer months to come.

Changing Needs

As temperatures increase our animals’ metabolic needs change. In warmer months the body spends less energy trying to keep warm and therefore requires less food to sustain daily activities. In spring and summer, transition your dogs and cats to a lighter feeding of a high-quality diet. Rest assured that transitioning to the lower end of the recommended feeding guidelines for your pet will be safe and will be healthier for your pet. Highly nutritious and digestible foods, like Grandma Z’s Grain Free dog and cat foods, are more fully utilized by your pet’s body. Couple high-quality food with smaller feedings and you’ll experience the bonus of having less waste to clean up after in your backyard!


While feeding is an important aspect, the most critical factor in preparing your pets for warmer weather is water. Dehydration puts your pet at risk for a number of serious problems associated with circulation, digestion, kidney function, and can result in lethargy and even fatality in serious cases. Luckily, dehydration prevention is simple. Provide a fresh, plentiful, and easily accessible source of water daily. Zamzows offers many solutions to avoiding dehydration with several options of traditional water bowls, collapsible bowls to take along on a walk, 0.5-2.0-Gallon waterers, and even attachments for your backyard spigot to provide a continuous drip of fresh water. Whichever method you choose, check daily and maintain proper hygiene. Remember, long-standing water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites, so keep it fresh and clean!

Tips for Warm Weather Safety

Provide a cool, shaded area for outdoor pets
When using shelters, be sure the enclosure allows proper ventilation
When out for a walk, protect your dog from pad burns and discomfort by avoiding pavement during the heat of the day or by taking periodic breaks off of the pavement
Bring collapsible water dishes on walks and hikes for frequent water breaks
Provide a constant, fresh water supply indoors and outdoors