Zamzows Huma Green & Zamzows Lawn Food – Better Together

Zamzows Huma Green & Zamzows Lawn Food – Better Together

Hot summer months in the Treasure Valley are extremely stressful to our plants and in particular our lawns. Feeding your lawn in spring and early summer nourishes and prepares your lawn for this heat. But we reach the end of summer and head into fall, feeding your lawn specifically for recovery is vitally important as our lawn prepares for winter.

Mid-Summer Feeding
During the summer, Zamzows Huma Green helps the soil hold moisture, adds vital trace minerals, and keeps your lawn a healthy green without causing excessive growth. Huma Green has very little nitrogen and while that decreases the risk of accidentally burning your lawn, your grass needs nitrogen to create productive green growth. When you follow the Zamzows Lawn Program, you will apply a sustaining amount of nitrogen around the end of April to the beginning of May. This means that around the middle of August our lawns have gone almost four months without nitrogen. This is why we have a late-summer feeding as soon as temperatures cool just a bit.

Late-Summer Feeding
A late-summer feeding of Zamzows Lawn Food is designed to jump-start the recovery of your lawn. The species of grass we grow in our lawns thrive during cooling temperatures. As we make it through August and press on towards the fall our lawns are hungry and crave nitrogen. This feeding promotes new growth and encourages your lawn to fill in areas that have been stressed during the summer.

Better Together
This late summer feeding of Zamzows Lawn Food is crucial to your lawn's long-term health. The second component of our lawn's long-term health is the replenishment of humic acid and organic material. including an extra application of Zamzows Huma Green to your late summer Lawn Food application work in tandem to feed a starving lawn and boost your soil towards long-term change for the better. You can apply Zamzows Huma Green in addition to any other lawn feeding application. This is a “Zamzows secret” that long-time users swear by.

If you want to put your lawn on a track of using less fertilizer, more efficient watering, and less dependence on pesticides, consider adding at least one extra application of Zamzows Huma Green each year. Think of it like making one extra payment to your home mortgage each year. That one extra payment adds up. Over time the added “deposit” to your soil will add up to a lawn that requires less input from us, allowing more time for enjoyment and use.