Zamzows Foundation - Worm Casting Fertilizer

Zamzows Foundation - Worm Casting Fertilizer

For years, the message of fertilization has been a loud and narrow one. When we look deeper and begin to understand what we are buying we begin to ask the question “Is this something I really want to use?” What if there was a fertilizer that was so natural you couldn’t distinguish it from a pile of healthy dirt? Well, you really need to check this out.

What is Foundation?

A number of years ago I bought an earthworm composter. I got it all setup and working and after a few months, I began harvesting the compost “left behind” (little worm humor for ya). I would add this to my garden vegetables. I noticed how much faster they bounced back from transplanting and the deep color they started off with. Healthy plants begin with a healthy soil. The foundation of a healthy soil is earthworm castings.

Calm Down

You might think I am being a little dramatic. Well, yeah I am, but for good reason. Earthworms are great cleaners. As they move through the soil they are eating everything that is in front of them. They never stop eating. As they eat, Bacteria in their digestive tract breaks down the decomposing material in the soil. They turn the complex material into raw elements that plants can use immediately. Castings also improve aeration and drainage in your soil.

The Greatest

The greatest thing about earthworm castings is they won’t burn your plants. It is basically impossible. The fertilizer is so natural you can hardly tell the difference between it and just good ‘ole dirt. Here are just a few ways you can use Zamzows Foundation this year

  • Recharge your old flower pots soil (see package for amounts)
  • Top dress your seed trays
  • Add some at transplanting
  • Recharge your house plants soil

The Big Deal

You may have heard about Earthworm castings before and wondered what’s the big deal? We take pride in offering something unique and better than everything else on the market. Foundation is 100% earthworm castings, other brands cut theirs with manure compost or peat moss. Our castings are produced local, giving you a fresher product. We also know what the worms eat because they buy food from our local feed mill. If you are looking for something different to try this year, don’t overlook Foundation. We guarantee you will love what happens.