Zamzows Foundation 8 LB
Zamzows Foundation 8 LB

Zamzows Foundation 8 LB


Product Information

Experience the Power of Zamzows Foundation 8 LB: The Finest All-Natural Fertilizer Derived from Fresh Earthworm Castings

Unlock the true potential of your plants with Zamzows Foundation 8 LB, a premium all-natural fertilizer meticulously created from nutrient-rich earthworm castings. Renowned as one of the most effective natural fertilizers available, earthworm castings offer an array of benefits for both your soil and plants. What sets Zamzows Foundation apart is its commitment to providing you with the highest quality product on the market.

Why Choose Zamzows Foundation?

1. Unleash the Growth: Starting with a solid foundation is the key to cultivating robust and healthy plants. Zamzows Foundation simplifies the process by offering you 100% pure and wholesome earthworm castings. Our exceptional product ensures that your plants receive the nourishment they need from the start.

2. Safe and Reliable: Unlike synthetic fertilizers that risk burning your plants, Zamzows Foundation guarantees a safe and gentle approach to plant care. You can use it confidently at any growth stage, from seedlings to new transplants and even houseplants. Nurture your greenery without worry!

3. Versatile Applications: Zamzows Foundation finds its place in various settings, making it an ideal choice for all your planting needs. Whether you're tending to potted plants, seed beds, planter boxes, or troublesome spots in the lawn, our fertilizer proves its effectiveness time and again.

4. Partner with Zamzows Thrive: For an added boost to your plants' vitality, we recommend using Zamzows Thrive in conjunction with Zamzows Foundation. This powerful combination ensures your plants receive comprehensive nutrition, encouraging vibrant growth and vibrant blooms.

Why Zamzows Foundation Stands Out?

Many national brand earthworm castings available on the market have lost their potency due to age and prolonged storage. In contrast, Zamzows Foundation stands as a beacon of quality and freshness. We locally source and bag our earthworm castings, ensuring they retain their maximum benefits for your plants. By choosing Zamzows Foundation, you invest in the highest quality product your plants deserve.

Zamzows Foundation is conveniently available both online and at all 13 Zamzows garden center locations, including Boise, Nampa, and Meridian. Take advantage of our wide reach and easily access the finest all-natural fertilizer in your area.

Supercharge your plants' growth with Zamzows Foundation 8 LB and witness the incredible transformation in your garden. Harness the power of earthworm castings and nurture your plants the natural way. Trust Zamzows for exceptional quality and results. Order Zamzows Foundation today and embark on a journey towards flourishing greenery!

Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N) 1.6%
Calcium (Ca) 3.14%
Iron (Fe) 0.65%
Derived from: Earthworm Castings