Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn This Fall

Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn This Fall


Many people neglect to feed their lawn in autumn. However, this may be the most crucial feeding your grass gets all year!   

Winter is Coming

As Winter approaches, our lawn and garden become a memory of what we most enjoyed during the spring and summer months. We remember the colors and smells, and bounty we received from our labor. In fall, our landscapes become a chore we eagerly wish to be finished. However, it is of utmost importance that we not neglect our lawns in this season. What we do now will make the following year all the more memorable.

The Cool Season

Lawn grasses grown in the Treasure Valley are referred to as cool-season grasses. These varieties perform better in the cooler months of the year, so this is the time they prefer to grow. Neglecting this feeding will leave our lawn hungry by next spring. When lawns are hungry, they become more susceptible to insects, disease, and stress that will manifest in the following year.

A Long Time Without

The Fall feeding of Zamzows Recharger will be the last food your lawn gets until early spring. That’s almost six months without food! We formulated Zamzows Recharger to be naturally slow releasing so you will feed your lawn for that entire time. Giving you a longer-lasting green in fall, and a faster green next spring. With this jumpstart to a healthier lawn, you will begin to notice fewer problems that will be easier to identify and correct the following year. I often think of our fall feeding, not as the last feeding of the year, but the first feeding for spring.

Now is a great time to apply your Zamzows Fall RechargerTM, as our naturally based fertilizer won’t burn the lawn even if your irrigation has been turned off. You will have peace of mind knowing it is safe for your kids and pets because everything in it is of feed grade quality. Come next spring, even before your neighbors, you will be able to enjoy your healthy, beautiful green lawn!