What Makes a Zamzows Hanging Flower Basket?

What Makes a Zamzows Hanging Flower Basket?


Mother’s day baskets have been a tradition at Zamzow’s for many generations. Over the years, we have searched for the best most consistent growers in Idaho to bring you the highest quality plants. So you don’t have to worry about anything except picking out the perfect one for Mom.


All of our baskets are locally grown. This means they come from the greenhouses to our stores within hours. They don’t have to travel across multiple states without water and sunlight. So the basket you get is healthier and has less stress.


Our basket varieties are hand selected for beautiful combinations and hardiness. Early in the growing process our buyer and growers work together to pick out the newest and hardiest varieties for our baskets so you get the most unique hanging baskets in the area.

We go to great length to tell you what kind of sun exposure each basket needs and how to properly take care of the variety you choose. Our expert staff is trained to know what each basket needs from sun or shade, how much water they need if they need to be deadheaded, and when to fertilize. We can even show you ways to keep the bugs away (we’re looking at you budworms).