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Mother's Day Hanging Flower Baskets

Mother's Day Hanging Flower Baskets


Hanging baskets have been a tradition at Zamzows for many years. We strive to bring the biggest fullest and healthiest baskets in the state. We expect the best because we want your gift to mom to be the best. Picking out a great looking basket is the first step. Getting it home and keeping it healthy is the next step. Here are three tips to keep Moms baskets looking great all season.

The Right Spot

The right basket for the right spot. This might seem like a no-brainer but getting your basket in the right spot is the first step to keeping it healthy all season. Spend some time watching the spot you want to put your hanging basket. A shade basket should not get the sun past 11 o’clock in the morning. Sun baskets can take plenty of sun, however, it is not bad to get a little shade in during the hottest part of the day.

Shade Varieties
– Lobelia
– Begonia
– Coleus
– Impatiens
– Sweet Potato Vine
– Fuchsia

Sun Varieties
– Petunia
– Calibrachoa
– Verbena
– Portulaca
– Gerber Daisy


Feeding is easily the most important element. The media used in Baskets is not nutrient rich. They are not designed to feed the plants for very long. They are designed to hold on to water and release it slowly back to the plants. To get the plants in the best shape they are feed often. To keep them this way they need to be continually fed this way. Zamzows Thrive Bloom is the best way to feed your baskets and keep them healthy. This also keeps your plants with tons of flowers all season.


Watering is another tricky bit. Any Basket will need to be watered daily to remain in the best shape. Knowing the needs of the specific varieties is another consideration. Sun baskets may need to be watered twice a day during the hottest parts of the year. The best thing to do is check your basket often to see how much and how often they need to be watered. I use two methods to be sure. The first way is to gently lift the basket up. The weight of the basket is a great indicator. If it feels overly light, then it is probably dry and needs a drink. If the soil dries out too much it may need a few watering’s in succession to rehydrate all the media. The other thing I do to check is, stick my finger in the drain hole. This only works on the pulp pots with a big hole in the center. If your finger is wet when you remove it, then you’re in good shape.

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