Zamzows Thrive Bloom Concentrate 16 OZ


Zamzows Thrive Bloom Concentrate 16 OZ - the ultimate fertilizer for vibrant blooms in your hanging baskets, flower pots, and garden! With its carefully formulated blend, this powerful concentrate is designed to enhance the blooming potential of your annual and bedding plants, ensuring a season full of colorful flowers and bountiful fruit.

Key Features:
- Encourages blooming and continuous flowering throughout the summer
- Maintains the peak performance of your annual flowers
- Perfect for the vegetable garden, promoting fruit production in tomatoes, peppers, and more
- Excellent for all blooming plants, delivering stunning results

Zamzows Thrive Bloom is a specially crafted fertilizer that contains elevated levels of phosphorus. This essential nutrient stimulates and supports the production of flowers, resulting in an abundance of blooms that will leave you in awe. Say goodbye to lackluster gardens and hello to a vibrant oasis with Zamzows Thrive Bloom Concentrate.

Application Instructions:
To achieve optimal results, follow these simple steps. Shake the bottle well before mixing to ensure the ingredients are evenly distributed.

For Foliar Spray:
1. Mix 4 tablespoons (TB) of Zamzows Thrive Bloom Concentrate per gallon of water.
2. Liberally spray the mixture on your plants until it reaches the point of runoff.
3. Apply in the evening or on cooler days to avoid leaf burn.
4. For best results, avoid spraying leaves in temperatures exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit with direct sunlight.
5. Repeat this process every two weeks throughout the growing season to keep your plants blooming beautifully.

For Soil Applications:
1. Mix 4 ounces (oz) of Zamzows Thrive Bloom Concentrate per gallon of water.
2. Water your plants with the mixture once a month to provide essential nutrients directly to the roots.
3. Watch your plants thrive as they receive the nourishment they need to produce vibrant blooms and abundant fruit.

Enhance the blooming potential of your bedding plants and vegetables even further by combining Zamzows Thrive Bloom Concentrate 16 OZ with our Zamzows Thrive fertilizer. Together, they provide a complete and balanced feeding solution for your beloved plants, ensuring they receive all the necessary nutrients for robust growth and stunning blooms.

You can find Zamzows Thrive Bloom Concentrate 16 OZ at any of our 13 Zamzows Garden Centers, including our conveniently located Boise, Meridian, and Nampa locations. Experience the difference and witness your plants reach their full blooming potential with Zamzows Thrive Bloom.

Note: Please consult the product label for additional information and safety instructions.

Guaranteed Analysis 4-16-4
Total Nitrogen (N) - 4%
   3.81% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
   0.19% Urea Nitrogen
Avail. Phosphate (P2O5) - 16%
Soluble Potash (K2O) - 4%
Copper (Cu) - 0.31%
   0.31% Chelated Copper
Iron (Fe) - 0.15% 
   0.15% Chelated Iron
Manganese (Mn) - 0.063% 
   0.063% Chelated Manganese
Zinc (Zn) - 0.09% 
   0.09% Chelated Zinc
Humic Acid from Leonardite - 2%

Plant Food Sources
Ammonium Poly Phosphate, Urea Phosphoric Acid, Mono Ammonium Phosphate, Potassium Hydroxide, Potassium Tri Poly Phosphate, Tetra Potassium Poly Phosphate, Tetra Potassium Poly Phosphate, Iron from Hydroxyethylene-Diaminetriacetate (FeHEDETA), and Copper, Manganese, and Zinc from Ethylenediaminetriacetate (EDTA)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brett B.
Zamzows' customer service was great

Zamzows Thrive Bloom Concentrate is a great product that really helps in plants health and production. I wanted some mailed to me since I'm so far away and the
Staff was extremely helpful in getting the product sent to me. Thanks 💯

Elizabeth Frank

Bloom is a wonderful product, it really helps plants produce healthier and larger Flowers and vegetables produce more.