Ladybug Life Stages

Ladybug Life Stages

Adult Ladybugs

We have all seen the adult ladybug. They are easy to identify as adults. However, the younger generations look very different. As beetles, they undergo complete metamorphosis. Chances are you have already seen the larva of a ladybug and didn't even realize it.

Adult Ladybug Facts

  • Adult Ladybugs eat up to 50 bugs per day. 
  • They don't just eat aphids. They also eat scale, mealybugs, mites, and leafhoppers.
  • Adults can live for up to two years. 
  • Female Ladybugs can produce up to 1,000 eggs during the spring and summer.  

Ladybug Larva

Ladybug larva, on the other hand, look very different. It's hard to believe this little monster turns into the beautiful beetle we adore.  Upon hatching into their larval stage they will immediately begin eating. In about two weeks they will turn into their adult stage. 

Ladybug Larva Facts

  • During their two weeks as larva, they will consume up to 400 bugs.  
  • The Ladybug larva is often confused with other bugs.
  • The larva will usually molt four times before entering the pupae stage. 

Ladybug Pupae

When the larva has eaten enough they will enter the pupal stage. For 15 days the larva will become immobile and go through its final transformation. 


Tips for Releasing Ladybugs

  • Water your landscape for a few minutes, so they have something to drink. 
  • A ladybug house or box will give them a place to hide and pupate.
  • Release them as close to a food source as possible. Leave the open container they came in at the bottom of an infested plant. They will crawl out on their own and find dinner. 
  • They won't fly around at night, so release them in the evening, to encourage them to stay in the immediate area. 
  • In a few weeks, you will see fewer adults, but you will begin to notice more larva.