Safely Controlling Weeds & Bugs in The Summer

Safely Controlling Weeds & Bugs in The Summer

Controlling Weeds During the Heat.

Many weeds will stop blooming when it gets hot. They will continue to grow during the summer.

Weeds and bugs seem to love the summer heat. If only we could convince them to take a vacation. If they aren’t going to take a break, we can’t either. The question is, can we treat weeds and bugs safely during the hottest days of the year? If so, how can we treat them safely?

First Off, Do not spray liquid weed controls when the temperatures at the time are above 85 degrees. Even organic herbicides at these temperatures can atomize and drift onto desirable plants and absorb into your skin more easily. Spray in the morning before the temperatures reach the 85-degree threshold. You should also wear the proper PPE. Full-length pants with socks and shoes are the minimum. You should also adjust your sprayer nozzle to make the water droplets as large as possible to prevent drift.

Granular herbicides are another, safer option to control weeds in the lawn. Weed Beater Complete is an effective granular herbicide that can be applied when it is hot. Before application, water your grass for a few minutes allowing the granules to stick to the leaves. After application, water it in and allow it to dry.

Bug Control During the Heat.

Insect populations explode in the summer. While it is safer to apply many insecticides in the heat, there are several concerns to keep in mind.

Lawn insects like grubs and chinch bugs run rampant in our lawns when it warms up. Granular insecticides are the way to go for these pests. To control grubs, apply both 24-Hour Grub Control and Zamzows Duration to quickly kill the active grubs and then prevent them from returning for the next three months. Zamzows Chinch Bug Control will effectively kill a variety of bugs while preventing them from coming back. Water these granular products in after application.

There are a variety of bugs that attack our shrubs, flowers, and vegetables during the summer. For many, the Bonide Bug & Slug Killer is a one-stop-shop. Bug & Slug Killer is an organic bait applied to the soil. One pound of Bug & Slug Killer will cover up to 3,000 square feet, so a little goes a long way. Many liquid insecticides will still be effective during the summer as well. Avoid any insecticides that are oil-based to prevent burning. As with the herbicides, apply in the morning before it is hot to avoid damaging the leaves.

Bugs in the home are another hot topic. Bugs look for cool areas just like us. So, if they find a way in, they seem to tell their friends. Zamzows Home Pest control is an effective indoor-outdoor control. Spray around the windows and doors, and you’ll create a three-month barrier from ants, spiders, and earwigs. Outside, use Zamzows Creepy Crawly along the foundation to stop the bugs from finding a way inside. For difficult bugs like Elm Seed Bugs, use Bayer Tempo on your fences and outdoor surfaces for multiple months of control.

Even though it is hot, there are many things we can do in our lawn, garden, and houses to keep the weeds and bugs in check. Observe caution when applying any chemical outside this time of year. You should always wear pants, socks, and shoes at a minimum. Don’t apply any liquids when it’s hot. It is not worth hurting your plants and, more importantly, yourself.