Zamzows Premium Potting Soil 1.5 CUFT
Zamzows Premium Potting Soil 1.5 CUFT

Zamzows Premium Potting Soil 1.5 CUFT


Product Information

Introducing Zamzows Premium Potting Soil 1.5 CUFT - the ultimate solution for your gardening needs. Designed with meticulous care and expertise, this premium blended potting soil is specifically formulated to provide exceptional performance and results for your flower pots and hanging baskets. With its unparalleled water retention capabilities and superior plant nutrition, Zamzows Premium Potting Soil ensures that your flowers will bloom longer and remain healthy throughout the entire season.

Unlike other potting soils on the market, Zamzows Premium Potting Soil goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding value to our customers. We have carefully selected the finest ingredients and blended them to create a high-quality formula that surpasses even the most renowned national brands, including the well-known Miracle-Gro. Our commitment to excellence means that you can trust Zamzows to provide you with a potting soil that truly outperforms the competition.

To further enhance your gardening experience and maximize your plant's potential, we recommend using Zamzows Thrive Bloom, a high-quality bloom-boosting fertilizer specifically designed to complement Zamzows Premium Potting Soil. By combining these two exceptional products, you can elevate your gardening efforts to new heights and achieve extraordinary results.

Conveniently available at all 13 Zamzows locations, including our esteemed garden centers in Boise, Nampa, and Eagle, Zamzows Premium Potting Soil is easily accessible to customers seeking the very best for their plants. For added convenience, customers also have the option to order online and pick up their purchase at the store, where our dedicated associates will gladly load the product for them.

With Zamzows Premium Potting Soil 1.5 CUFT, you can rest assured that you are providing your plants with the optimal growing environment they deserve. Experience the difference for yourself and witness your flowers thrive like never before. Trust Zamzows, the name synonymous with quality and expertise in gardening, to transform your gardening endeavors into a blooming success.

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N) ...0.17% 
Available Phosphate (P2O5) ...0.12%
Soluble Potash (K2O) ...0.08%
Derived from:
ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, ureaform, sulfate of potash, and calcium phosphate.

This mix is a blend of compost, Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, aged fir bark, pumice, and perlite.