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Jim Zamzow That Reminds Me Of A Story

Residents of the Treasure Valley have long known Zamzows as the expert garden and pet supply store, but few know its rich history. Founded in 1933, it all started with a train stop gone wrong, when brothers August and Carl Zamzow stowed away on a train going from Minnesota to California. When the train stopped in Meridian, August hopped off to get some lunch for them, but before he could jump back on, the train took off. Stranded in Meridian, August quickly found work and established roots. He soon married Carmalita House, who later became known as the infamous Grandma Z. That Reminds Me of a Story is a collection of stories telling the history of the Zamzow family and Zamzows, Inc. Each story contains a lesson about strong values and good business practices, which are what has allowed the Zamzow family to continue to grow their company through more than three generations.

About the Author
Art Gregory, the director of corporate communications and marketing for Zamzows, has been working in radio since high school. He has been an announcer at several local radio stations and the program director of KYME Radio. Art is known for writing the slogan "Nobody knows like Zamzows." Art's thesis for his master's degree in communication, "How Zamzows Defines Its Organizational Culture Through Storytelling," is the basis for this book. He is the founder and president of the History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation, a nonprofit charity with members spanning the entire nation.

Jim Zamzow is the eldest grandson of the founders of Zamzows Inc. and grew up working in the family business. He and his brother, Rick, expanded the company's focus from fuel and animal feed to a lawn, garden, and pet superstore. In 1990, Jim became the media spokesman for Zamzows on radio and television commercials and has become a household name in the Treasure Valley. Jim is a licensed airplane and helicopter pilot and a fifth-degree black belt Renshi in the international school of Karate Doshinkan. He's a devoted husband to his wife, Faye, and a loving father to his two children, Jos and Callie, who are now co-CEOs of Zamzows Inc.