Ducky Yeowww! Stinkies Stars
Ducky Yeowww! Stinkies Stars

Ducky Yeowww! Stinkies Stars


Product Information

Ducky Yeowww! Stinkies Stars: Purrfection in Playtime

Elevate playtime for your feline friend with our Ducky Yeowww! Stinkies Stars. These three vibrantly embroidered fish toys are not just eye-catching; they're a keeper in every sense. Packed to the gills with YEOWWW! catnip, they're designed to provide hours of delightful entertainment.

Key Features:
- Irresistibly Odorous: The natural, aromatic YEOWWW! catnip in each Stinkies Star is a cat's dream come true. Watch as your fur baby revels in the delightful scent, making playtime even more captivating.
- Premium Craftsmanship: These toys are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they stand up to even the most enthusiastic play sessions. The vibrant embroidery adds a playful touch that both you and your cat will love.
- Interactive and Engaging: Whether it's a solo adventure or a bonding session with your pet, Ducky Yeowww! Stinkies Stars provide the perfect opportunity for interactive play. Toss, bat, or hide them for endless feline fun.

Ordering Information:
Ducky Yeowww! Stinkies Stars are available for convenient online ordering. For our local customers, enjoy the option of easy pickup at select Zamzows pet supply centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. Nationwide delivery is also available, bringing the joy of playtime right to your doorstep.

Elevate your cat's playtime experience with Ducky Yeowww! Stinkies Stars. Order now and let the purrfect adventures begin!