Dramm Revolver Green
Dramm Revolver Green

Dramm Revolver Green


Product Information

Dramm Revolver Green: Comfort, Style, and Precision in Your Hands!

Revamp your watering routine with the Dramm Revolver Green, a versatile spray gun designed to elevate your outdoor water-related tasks. With nine customizable spray patterns, this powerhouse is your go-to companion for tasks like washing your car and boat, cleaning your deck and sidewalk, and nurturing your beloved flowers and young trees.

Effortlessly toggle between water flow selections thanks to the quick-change feature, putting you in complete control. The innovative One Touch Valve empowers you to manage water flow with a single touch of your thumb, ensuring a seamless watering experience. Crafted with heavy-duty metal construction, the Revolver is built to withstand the test of time.

Key Features:
- Nine spray patterns for versatile outdoor water tasks.
- Quick-change feature for easy water flow selection.
- One Touch Valve for precise control with a touch of your thumb.
- Heavy-duty metal construction for durability.
- Ergonomic design for comfortable handling.
- Vibrant green color adds a touch of style to your watering routine.
- Zinc and TPE rubber components for added resilience.

Say goodbye to mundane hand watering and revolutionize the way you approach outdoor tasks. The Dramm Revolver Green is not only a functional tool but also a stylish addition to your gardening arsenal.

Order Online for Local Convenience:

The Dramm Revolver Green is available for online orders with convenient options for local pick-up at select Zamzows garden supply centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. Prefer doorstep delivery? We've got you covered! We offer nationwide shipping to bring this game-changing tool directly to your doorstep.

Experience comfort, style, and precision like never before with the Dramm Revolver Green. Elevate your watering game today!