Dramm One Touch Wand Green


Dramm One Touch Wand Green – Revolutionize Your Watering Experience!

Say goodbye to the hassle of squeezing handles with the Dramm One Touch Wand Green. This ingenious tool offers effortless water flow control with just a touch of your thumb, making it a game-changer, especially for those with arthritic hands.

Key Features:
1. Effortless Flow Control: No more straining or squeezing. The One Touch Wand puts you in command with a simple touch.
2. Versatile Spray Patterns: Choose between two patterns for precise watering. Opt for the gentle Shower mode, which releases a cascade of fine water droplets that won't harm your delicate plants. Need a powerful jet? Switch to Stream mode, perfect for tackling even the muddiest sidewalks.
3. Built to Last: Crafted with heavy-duty metal, the One Touch Wand is designed to withstand the test of time. Its durable construction ensures years of reliable performance.
4. Vibrant Green Design: Not only is the One Touch Wand functional, but it also adds a splash of color to your gardening routine. In a striking green hue, it's part of Dramm's vibrant collection.
5. Zinc and TPE Rubber: Engineered with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

But that's not all! You can conveniently order the Dramm One Touch Wand Green online for local pick-up at select Zamzows garden supply centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. Plus, we offer nationwide delivery for your utmost convenience.

Experience a new level of watering convenience with the Dramm One Touch Wand Green. Order yours today and enjoy a lifetime of hassle-free gardening!