Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Erythromycin Powderpocket
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Erythromycin Powderpocket

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Erythromycin Powderpocket


Product Information

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Erythromycin Powderpocket: Effective Treatment for Bacterial Diseases

Experience unparalleled relief for your aquatic companions with Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Erythromycin Powderpocket. Specially formulated for both freshwater and saltwater environments, this powerful treatment targets bacterial diseases like body slime, mouth fungus, and open lesions. Safeguard your aquatic ecosystem and prevent disease spread when introducing new fish to your aquarium.

Key Benefits:
- Effectively treats a range of freshwater and saltwater bacterial diseases.
- Inhibits the spread of diseases during new fish introductions.
- Can be used in conjunction with other remedies for added protection against secondary infections.

Usage Instructions:
Revitalize your aquarium with ease. For every 10 gallons of water, simply administer one packet directly into your aquarium. Repeat the dosage after 24 hours. After another 24 hours, perform a 25% water change. This treatment regimen should be repeated for a total of four doses. Conclude with a final 25% water change and introduce fresh activated carbon or replace the filter cartridge.

Storage Guidance:
Maintain the potency of Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Erythromycin Powderpocket by storing it in its original, securely sealed container. Store in a cool, dry area, shielded from extreme environmental conditions.

Ordering Options:
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Erythromycin Powderpocket is available for convenient online ordering. For our valued customers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa, local pick-up is an option at select Zamzows fish & aquarium supply centers. We also offer nationwide delivery for your utmost convenience.

Revive your aquatic habitat and nurture your fish to vibrant health with Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Erythromycin Powderpocket. Order now and ensure a thriving, disease-free environment for your underwater companions.