Zamzows: Nature’s best for your soil & lawn

Healthier soil, happier lawns

While national brand fertilizers rely on chemicals that can harm the beneficial microbes in your soil, Zamzows fertilizers work in harmony with nature. Our natural-based ingredients not only nourish your lawn but also enrich the soil, fostering a thriving ecosystem of beneficial organisms. This creates a robust foundation for your grass to grow stronger and greener, reducing the need for chemical fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides over time. Choose Zamzows for a lawn that's safe for your pets, your kids, and the environment!

Meet the important members of a healthy soil ecosystem!

Beneficial Fungi & Bacteria

Beneficial bacteria and fungi are crucial for maintaining healthy soil. These microorganisms break down organic matter, releasing essential nutrients that plants need to grow. Mycorrhizal fungi form symbiotic relationships with plant roots, enhancing water and nutrient absorption. Together, these
beneficial microbes improve soil structure, increase fertility, and promote a robust ecosystem that supports healthy, vibrant lawns.


Earthworms play a vital role in maintaining healthy soil. As they burrow, they aerate the soil, improving its structure and allowing roots to grow more easily. Their digestion process breaks down organic matter, turning it into nutrient-rich castings that enhance soil fertility. Earthworms also help mix soil layers, ensuring even distribution of nutrients and organic material. Their presence indicates a healthy, vibrant soil ecosystem, essential for a thriving lawn.


Nematodes, especially beneficial ones, are essential for a healthy lawn ecosystem. These microscopic worms help control lawn-damaging grubs and other harmful pests by parasitizing and eliminating them. By naturally managing pest populations, nematodes reduce the need for chemical insecticides. Additionally, they contribute to soil health by breaking down organic matter, enhancing nutrient availability, and promoting a balanced soil ecosystem that supports robust plant growth.


Carbon is a fundamental component of healthy soil, providing energy and structure for microorganisms. It improves soil fertility, water retention, and root development. However, high levels of nitrogen in chemical-based fertilizers can deplete soil carbon, disrupting the natural balance and reducing soil health. By using natural fertilizers like Zamzows, you maintain optimal carbon levels, ensuring a thriving, nutrient-rich environment for your lawn to grow.

Ingredients matter: quality & safety you can trust

Complete nutrition for your lawn & soil

Zamzows Lawn Food stands out with its comprehensive mineral package designed to build healthy soil. Our ingredient label reads like a high-quality supplement, with all-natural components sourced directly from a feed mill. Unlike competitors, our approach focuses on feeding the soil, providing essential nutrients that promote a thriving ecosystem of beneficial microbes. This ensures your lawn stays lush and green while maintaining long-term soil health.

Basic ingredients, short-term results

The competitor's fertilizer contains only the most basic components, offering quick but temporary results. These water-soluble ingredients are rapidly washed away, requiring frequent reapplication. Furthermore, the fast-acting formula burns up the soil's carbon quickly, depleting essential resources. Additionally, the sources of these nutrients are often derived from unrecognizable chemical compounds, providing minimal benefits to the soil and its vital microorganisms.

Year after year for 5 years using the Lawn Food and complete Zamzows lawn program. Lawn health looks professionally maintained thanks to Lawn Food, Humagreen, Recharger, other. Easy application. Highly recommend.
Glenn L.
I put Zamzow's Spring Summer lawn food on my lawn this Spring. My lawn looks better this year than ever before! I'm sold on buying the yearly treatment program. Thanks for the great products!
Budd H.
It's the best! Nuff said!
Terri C.

Safe for play: worry-free lawn care with Zamzows

Unlike chemical fertilizers, Zamzows products are safe for immediate use. You can apply our natural fertilizers without worrying about harmful chemicals, allowing your family and pets to enjoy the lawn right away. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your lawn is both healthy and safe for everyone.

See the difference: how carbon transforms your lawn

Carbon poor

Chemical fertilizers may offer a quick fix, but they harm the soil over time. This damage is visible in the soil's dull color, poor water absorption, and inability to support healthy plants. The result is a barren, lifeless patch with sickly vegetation, showcasing the long-term impact of chemical fertilizers.

Sick lawn

Dead soils, depleted by chemical fertilizers, cannot support a healthy lawn. This leads to weak, patchy grass that struggles to thrive. To compensate, homeowners often resort to using even more fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, perpetuating a cycle of dependency and environmental harm.

Carbon rich

Rich, properly fed soils have a darker color, indicating their health and vitality. These soils support millions of beneficial microorganisms, retain more water, and contain all the essential nutrients necessary for life. This vibrant ecosystem creates the perfect foundation for a thriving, resilient lawn.

Healthy lawn

Properly feeding your lawn with Zamzows nourishes the soil, creating a lush, dark green lawn that's both beautiful and resilient. This healthy foundation reduces the need for chemical herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, and helps your lawn retain more water, ensuring it thrives with less maintenance and environmental impact.

Dive deeper: explore our lawn care insights

How long should I water my lawn in Idaho?

Many people have been requesting a monthly lawn watering guide.  I have hesitated to create it for a while because it is a really difficult question to answer in a broad sense.  There are just too many variables.

Zamzows Huma Green & Zamzows Lawn Food – better together.

Hot summer months in the Treasure Valley are extremely stressful to our plants, and particularly our lawns. Feeding your lawn in spring and early summer nourishes and prepares your lawn for this heat. But we reach the end of summer and head into fall, feeding your lawn specifically for recovery is vitally important as our lawn prepares for winter.

Proper mowing height.

Mowing is not just about keeping your lawn looking nice, but also about keeping your grass healthy. Many people mow their lawns too short and effectively killing it in the process. Your lawn is a plant, and like all plants, it needs leaves to make food and survive.