Congratulations, Treasure Valley Garden Guru – Our 'Can You Sing a Jingle?'
Grand Prize Winner!

Amid a flood of submissions, choosing the best was an impossible task—each entry was uniquely special. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who shared their rendition of the Zamzows Jingle. We're thrilled to showcase the top submissions that truly stood out.

In a spectacular display of creativity, Treasure Valley Garden Guru, known on Instagram, has emerged as the Grand Prize Winner of the 'Can You Sing It?' contest. Her rendition of our classic jingle not only showcased her vocal talents but also highlighted the vibrant atmosphere of our Chinden Greenhouse location. Collaborating with our enthusiastic employees, she brought a unique and delightful twist to the Zamzows melody.  Be sure to follow Treasure Valley Garden Guru on Instagram. 


Harmony of Voices: Celebrating 'Can You Sing a Jingle?'
Contest Participants.

We are overwhelmed with joy at the incredible response to the 'Can You Sing It?' contest. Your unique renditions flooded in, filling our hearts with gratitude. Each submission brought a special touch to our green symphony, showcasing the diversity and creativity of our amazing community. In appreciation of your efforts, the Zamzow family is delighted to announce a special gift for every participant—a token of our thanks for making this contest a truly harmonious celebration. Enjoy a sampling of our Top Picks!

Thank you matthewvorhies for your early submission and getting the ball rolling!

Thanks for bringing it home Nick!

Some friends at King's College sent in a well produced original take.

An awesome original take, thank you Chelsea!

Justin knows how to keep the lawn green!

Amari, and company shared an incredibly fun and well produced video! Great Job!

Thank you for your original take Ula! We'll always help with the plants. 

The tag line never sounded so sweet. Thank you solarflairsings!

zackquintanaofficial rock'n another original take. 

nwestpop had several renditions and I think "Billbug" to "The Jitterbug" was our favorite. 

Nothing embarasing about it allwithinthehome, we loved it!

Thank you for the submission Melanie! We'll keep answering all the questions. 

Amazing voice and guitar work from loom_ofthefruit!

Thank you Zeb! We're so happy you're here too!

As we conclude the 'Can You Sing It?' contest, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this incredible celebration of green living. Your voices, creativity, and enthusiasm have made this contest a memorable symphony.