Zamzows Premium Shelled Peanuts 20 LB
Zamzows Premium Shelled Peanuts 20 LB

Zamzows Premium Shelled Peanuts 20 LB

Product Information

Zamzows Premium Shelled Peanuts 20 LB - The Ultimate Squirrel Feast for Your Backyard!

Are squirrels wreaking havoc on your bird feeders? Don't fret! We have the perfect solution for you - Zamzows Premium Shelled Peanuts. Specially designed to cater to our furry friends, these high-quality peanuts are a delicious and mess-free way to feed the squirrels that frequent your backyard.

With Zamzows Premium Shelled Peanuts, you can keep pesky squirrels away from your other bird feeders by offering them their very own irresistible treat. These peanuts are meticulously cleaned, ensuring there's no mess left behind. Say goodbye to scattered shells and hello to a tidy feeding experience!

Our premium wild bird seed is renowned for its superior quality and is processed using our exclusive XtremeClean five-stage cleaning process. This innovative technique eliminates dust and foreign materials, providing you with the purest and safest wild bird seed available on the market. We take pride in delivering only the best for your feathered friends.

Why choose Zamzows Premium Wild Bird Seed?

1. Nutrient Lock Packaging: Our shelled peanuts are carefully packaged using our advanced Nutrient Lock technology, preserving their freshness and nutritional value. Your backyard visitors will enjoy every bite of these nutrient-packed treats.

2. Reclosable Bags: We understand the importance of convenience. Our shelled peanuts come in reclosable bags, ensuring that the freshness and flavor are locked in between feedings. It's easy to store and hassle-free to use whenever you need to refill your squirrel feeder.

3. Freshness 100% Guaranteed: At Zamzows, we stand behind the quality of our products. We guarantee that our premium shelled peanuts are fresh and of the highest quality, providing optimal nutrition for your furry friends.

Ingredients: Our shelled peanuts are made with only the finest ingredients - 100% pure shelled peanuts. No additives, no fillers. Just wholesome goodness that squirrels can't resist.

But wait, there's more! At Zamzows, we offer a wide selection of feeders for squirrels and other birds. Whether you're looking for squirrel-proof designs or unique feeders to attract specific bird species, we have you covered. Visit any of our 13 Zamzows pet supply stores, including our Nampa, Meridian, and Boise locations, to explore our extensive feeder collection and find the perfect match for your backyard.

Don't settle for just any bird seed. Experience the magic of Zamzows Wild Bird Seed and watch as amazing wild birds flock to your feeder. When it comes to feeding your backyard wildlife, Zamzows is your trusted partner.

Order your Zamzows Premium Shelled Peanuts today and turn your backyard into a haven for happy squirrels and delighted bird visitors.

Ingredients: Shelled Peanuts