Zamzows No Sprout Wild Bird Mix 20 LB
Zamzows No Sprout Wild Bird Mix 20 LB

Zamzows No Sprout Wild Bird Mix 20 LB

Product Information

Zamzows No Sprout Wild Bird Mix 20 LB: The Ultimate Choice for Your Feathered Friends and Weed-Free Delights

Welcome to the world of Zamzows, where premium quality meets unparalleled performance. Presenting our best-selling blend, the Zamzows No Sprout Wild Bird Mix 20 LB, specially formulated to cater to the diverse needs of the magnificent birds that frequent the Treasure Valley. Elevate your bird-feeding experience while enjoying a weed-free garden and landscape beds with our exceptional wild bird feed.

What sets Zamzows apart from the rest is our unwavering commitment to quality and cleanliness. Unlike other bird seeds on the market, Zamzows Wild Bird Seeds are the epitome of purity. Through our ultra-clean manufacturing process, we ensure that our wild bird feeds are free from dust and debris, guaranteeing a wholesome and hygienic feeding environment for your beloved feathered companions.

But that's not all. Our No Sprout Wild Bird Mix 20 LB is specifically designed to address the common issue of sprouting seeds in your garden and landscape beds. We understand the importance of maintaining a weed-free environment, and that's why our blend undergoes a meticulous heat-treatment process. This ensures that the seeds will not sprout, saving you the hassle of unwanted growth and allowing you to enjoy a pristine garden and landscape beds.

Say goodbye to wastage! Our custom wild bird feeds are carefully crafted without any filler seeds. This means there is minimal waste, allowing you to make the most out of every feeding session. 

Zamzows No Sprout Wild Bird Mix 20 LB is the perfect choice for attracting a variety of delightful birds to your feeder. From the charming dark-eyed juncos to the vibrant house finches, American goldfinches, pine siskin, and house sparrows, this blend is a magnet for avian diversity. Watch in awe as your backyard becomes a sanctuary filled with enchanting bird species.

But that's not all! When you choose Zamzows, you benefit from our industry-leading, exclusive XtremeClean five-stage cleaning process. With this state-of-the-art technique, we eliminate dust and foreign materials from all our premium wild bird seed offerings, ensuring an unparalleled level of purity that will impress even the most discerning bird enthusiasts.

Download our complimentary Birds of the Treasure Valley poster. Print it out and hang it on your wall, or keep it handy as a reference during your outdoor bird-watching adventures. It's the perfect complement to your birding adventures, as you create an inviting haven for both birds and squirrels in your backyard.

Experience the Zamzows difference with our No Sprout Wild Bird Mix, and enjoy these additional highlights:

- Nutrient Lock Packaging: Our reclosable bags keep your wild bird seeds fresh and flavorful, preserving their nutritional value for longer periods.
- Freshness 100% Guaranteed: We take immense pride in delivering only the freshest wild bird feed to you. Every bag is packed with our unwavering commitment to quality.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create an avian paradise in your own backyard while maintaining a weed-free garden and landscape beds. Visit any of our 13 Zamzows pet supply stores, including our Boise, Nampa, and Meridian locations, to explore a wide selection of wild bird feeders, alongside our Zamzows No Sprout Wild Bird Mix 20 LB. Trust Zamzows for exceptional quality, unparalleled cleanliness, and a world of wonder for your feathered friends.

Remember, if you want birdseed, buy any brand. But if you want to witness amazing wild birds frequenting your bird feeder and enjoy a weed-free garden and landscape beds, choose Zamzows No Sprout Wild Bird Seed!

Ingredients: Hulled Millet, Sunflower Hearts, Nyjer Seed (Guizotia Abyssinica)

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Shelly Lether
No Sprout Bird Mix is the Best

I’ve tried supermarket brands and the birds leave a lot of seed on the ground. But the birds eat every bit of Zamzows No Sprout. We have finches, quail, dove and occasional duck. They love it!

Anne Bergland

The millet percentage was too high. I would not repurchase.

Too Much Millet

I thought I would give Zamzow’s a try for no-mess birdseed, so I purchased a 20-pound bag. I was disappointed to find out that it mostly consists of Millet and the birds just let it go to waste. I even purchased a 10-pound bag of shelled peanuts elsewhere and non-germinating Nyger seed.

kristy a.
Birds love it

I love it no sprout is awesome considering we have a new lawn.

W M.
5 Stars rateing for sure

Back yard Birds are happy and I'm happy.
Just wish this product was sold in southeast Idaho.
Delivery time was perfect.
Customer service taking my order was very nice and I thank her.
W Murphy