Zamzows Gamebird Deluxe Seed Block 21 LB
Zamzows Gamebird Deluxe Seed Block 21 LB

Zamzows Gamebird Deluxe Seed Block 21 LB


Product Information

Zamzows Gamebird Deluxe Seed Block 21 LB: The Ultimate Backyard Bird Feeding Solution

Are you ready to transform your backyard into a birdwatcher's paradise? Look no further than the Zamzows Gamebird Deluxe Seed Block 21 LB. This exceptional bird seed block is expertly crafted using a delightful blend of premium seeds, held together with molasses and animal-safe binders. It's the convenient and irresistible way to attract a variety of beautiful birds right to your own backyard.

Why settle for ordinary bird feed when you can treat your feathered friends to the finest quality seed block available? The Zamzows Gamebird Deluxe Seed Block 21 LB is specifically designed to cater to the unique tastes and nutritional needs of gamebirds, making it an ideal choice for avid bird enthusiasts, nature lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

One of the standout features of this seed block is its irresistible flavor, which birds find simply irresistible. As soon as you place it in your backyard, you'll witness a symphony of colorful and melodious visitors flocking to enjoy this delectable feast. The birds of Idaho, in particular, have developed quite a fondness for this high-quality seed block, making it a must-have for any bird lover in the region.

With its carefully selected blend of seeds, the Zamzows Gamebird Deluxe Seed Block 21 LB is known to attract a wide range of avian species, including the beloved California quail, majestic pheasants, and charming doves. Whether you're an experienced birdwatcher or just starting to explore the wonders of bird feeding, this seed block is sure to provide endless entertainment and joy.

Convenience is key, and we understand that you want to spend more time enjoying the company of feathered friends rather than fussing with complicated feeders. That's why we've created this seed block to be incredibly easy to use. Simply place it in your desired location, sit back, and watch as the birds congregate for a delightful dining experience.

To make it even more accessible, the Zamzows Gamebird Deluxe Seed Block 21 LB is available both online and at all 13 Zamzows locations, including our Nampa, Boise, and Meridian wild bird supply stores. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the pleasure of personally selecting your bird supplies, we've got you covered.

Download our complimentary Birds of the Treasure Valley poster. Print it out and hang it on your wall, or keep it handy as a reference during your outdoor bird-watching adventures. It's the perfect complement to your birding adventures, as you create an inviting haven for both birds and squirrels in your backyard.

Invest in the Zamzows Gamebird Deluxe Seed Block 21 LB today and invite the wonders of nature right into your backyard. Watch as your outdoor space comes alive with vibrant colors, beautiful melodies, and a sense of tranquility only birds can bring. Your feathered friends will thank you, and you'll be rewarded with countless moments of birdwatching bliss. Order now and experience the joy of bird feeding at its finest!