Catware Corrugated Scratch N Lounge
Catware Corrugated Scratch N Lounge

Catware Corrugated Scratch N Lounge


Product Information

Introducing the Catware Corrugated Scratch N Lounge: The Ultimate Feline Oasis

Unleash your cat's natural instincts with our Catware Corrugated Scratch N Lounge, a premium lounging and scratching haven designed to keep your furry friend engaged and content. Crafted from the finest corrugated cardboard, this lounge is more than just a scratcher – it's a sanctuary for your feline companion.

Key Features:

  • Superior Scratch Material: Cats adore the satisfying texture of our corrugated cardboard, making it their go-to spot for both scratching and relaxing. Say goodbye to torn furniture and hello to a happy, contented cat.
  • Territory Marking and Nap Haven: Watch as your cat instinctively marks their territory by indulging in healthy scratching. Afterward, they'll curl up on the lounge's inviting surface for hours of blissful nap time.
  • Economical and Irresistible: Crafted from durable cardboard, our Scratch N Lounge is not only budget-friendly but also irresistible to your feline companion. Provide them with hours of entertainment without breaking the bank.
  • Satisfies Instinctive Needs: Fulfill your cat's innate desire to scratch and stretch with a designated space that caters to their instincts. This lounge promotes healthy behavior while keeping them engaged and happy.
  • Catnip Compatibility: Elevate the excitement by adding catnip to the corrugated surface. Watch as your cat goes wild, pouncing, and playing, all while enjoying the exhilarating effects of this irresistible herb.

Ordering Options:
Experience the Catware Corrugated Scratch N Lounge today by placing your order online for convenient local pick-up at select Zamzows cat supply centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. We're also thrilled to offer nationwide delivery, ensuring that cats everywhere can enjoy this luxurious lounge that enhances their well-being and happiness.

Invest in your cat's comfort and entertainment with the Catware Corrugated Scratch N Lounge. Elevate their lounging experience and provide them with a space that caters to their natural instincts. Order now and let the scratching, marking, and napping begin!