Bonide Moss Max Granules 6 LB
Bonide Moss Max Granules 6 LB

Bonide Moss Max Granules 6 LB


Product Information

Introducing Bonide Moss Max Granules 6 LB - Your Solution for a Lush, Moss-Free Lawn
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Are you tired of dealing with pesky lawn moss that ruins the beauty of your yard? Look no further! Say hello to Bonide Moss Max Granules 6 LB, the ultimate moss-killing and lawn-enhancing solution you need. With this powerful formula, achieving a lush, deep green lawn has never been easier.

Key Features:
1. Fast-Acting Moss Killer: Banish lawn moss in no time with Bonide Moss Max Granules. Our potent formula targets moss at its roots, ensuring quick and efficient eradication, leaving your lawn revitalized and moss-free.
2. Deep Greening Power: Revitalize your lawn's natural beauty with our granules' unique blend of nutrients. Watch as your grass transforms into a vibrant, lush green, the envy of your neighborhood.
3. Less Mowing, No Excess Growth: Forget about excessive mowing. Bonide Moss Max Granules 6 LB keeps your lawn looking pristine without promoting excessive growth, saving you time and effort.
4. Wide Coverage: Each 6 LB container can cover an area of up to 5000 sq. ft. Now, maintaining a moss-free lawn is simpler and more cost-effective than ever before.
5. Easy Application: Applying Bonide Moss Max Granules is a breeze with any standard lawn spreader. Achieve consistent coverage and get on your way to a moss-free lawn hassle-free.

Versatile Application:
Bonide Moss Max Granules 6 LB is not only ideal for lawns but also suitable for use around flowers and ornamental shrubs. So, whether you need to restore your lawn's health or enhance your garden's appeal, this product is your go-to solution.

Witness Rapid Results:
With Bonide Moss Max Granules, the results speak for themselves. Experience visible improvements in just hours, as moss begins to vanish, and your lawn takes on a radiant green hue.

Available Online or In-Store:
Ordering is convenient and straightforward. Bonide Moss Max Granules 6 LB can be easily purchased online, or you can visit any of our local Zamzows garden centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa to get your hands on this game-changing product.

Say goodbye to lawn moss and welcome a lush, green landscape with Bonide Moss Max Granules 6 LB. Reclaim your lawn's beauty today and be the envy of your neighborhood!