Zamzows Lawn Recovery 8-2-4 25 LB
Zamzows Lawn Recovery 8-2-4 25 LB

Zamzows Lawn Recovery 8-2-4 25 LB


Product Information

Zamzows Lawn Recovery 8-2-4 25 LB, the ultimate solution to restore and rejuvenate your lawn. This specially formulated lawn fertilizer is specifically designed to assist in the recovery process from bug, disease, and drought stress. With its unique blend of essential nutrients, it accelerates the revival of damaged lawns when used in combination with other bug and disease control products.

Zamzows Lawn Recovery 8-2-4 25 LB has been meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of distressed lawns. Its potent formula not only nourishes the grass but also aids in moisture retention, ensuring that your lawn remains adequately hydrated even during dry spells. By gently feeding the lawn, this fertilizer provides the ideal conditions for damaged lawns to make a stunning comeback.

For optimal results, Zamzows recommends using this product in conjunction with Zamzows Pena Turf, a revolutionary soil conditioner that loosens the soil and enhances water absorption. When used together, these two products create an environment that promotes healthy root development and overall lawn vitality.

You can find Zamzows Lawn Recovery 8-2-4 25 LB exclusively at Zamzows' 13 locations, including our well-stocked garden centers in Boise, Meridian, and Middleton. Our knowledgeable staff will be delighted to assist you in selecting the right products for your lawn recovery needs and provide expert advice on their proper application.

Revitalize your lawn with Zamzows Lawn Recovery 8-2-4 25 LB and witness the transformation as your damaged lawn bounces back to its lush, green glory. Trust Zamzows, the name synonymous with quality lawn care solutions, to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N) 8.00%
5.10% Ammoniacal Nitrogen 
2.90% Urea Nitrogen 
Available Phosphate (P205) 2.00%
Soluble Potash (K20) 4.00%
Calcium (Ca) 1.80% 
Sulfur (S) 3.50%

Derived from: Soft rock phosphate, potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, sulfur coated urea, and magnetite. ALSO, CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOD

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