Sterling Rescue Pop Fly Trap Attractant


The Sterling Rescue Pop Fly Trap Attractant works inside the RESCUE! Reusable POP! Fly Trap to lure common nuisance or filth flies. Each refill packet contains one application that generally lasts two weeks to a month. Just drop the water-soluble pouch into the trap container, add water to the fill line, replace the top, and hang or place the trap outside near a fly source.

Pet Safety

  • Our Fly Traps do not use any killing agents or poisons. They rely on luring flies with food and feed-grade ingredients, then trapping the flies until they expire on their own.

What It Catches

Common nuisance or filth flies include house flies, cluster flies, false stable flies, blow flies, bottle flies, flesh flies, and others.

Where It's Used

This attractant pack is to be used with the RESCUE! POP! Fly Trap.