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Zamzows Thrive 1 GAL


Benefits of Thrive Fertilizer:
Thrive feeds the plant and the micro-organisms that live in the soil. Healthy soil is the key to a healthy plant.

Thrive is a fertilizer that increases the minerals and micro-nutrients in the soil which makes your fruits and vegetables actually taste better.

All plants can benefit from the nutrition found in Thrive. Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Flowers, Vegetables, Fruits, House Plants, and More.

Thrive is balanced so one mineral doesn’t overwhelm another.

Thrive is non-leaching and it stays where you put it, so groundwater is unaffected.

Non-toxic – Safe for kids and pets!

Free of dangerous heavy metals like lead or arsenic Non-staining.

Will not stain sidewalks or fences.

Download Zamzows Thrive™ Application Guide 

More on Thrive:
Chemical fertilizers do nothing to build the soil and force unbalanced nutrients into plants a process similar to humans eating sugar. Eating sugar causes you to immediately feel good but has long-term detrimental effects. The body of a human that only consumes sugar and caffeine will eventually suffer because it is not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals that are needed. When the supply of vitamins and minerals becomes depleted, a serious health condition may arise.

Chemical fertilizers work in much the same way. Chemical fertilizers address only three aspects of plant health (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) and plants must then pull the other vitamins and minerals from another existing source such as the soil. Eventually, the nutrient supply will run out. This effect was dramatically seen in the Dust Bowl days during the Great Depression.

Most commercial farming practices have drained the soil of nutrients and the vitamins and minerals which are responsible for taste. Ever wonder why wine made from grapes grown in different regions tastes different? This is because different regions have different concentrations of minerals. Thrive is a fertilizer that increases the minerals and micro-nutrients in the soil which make your fruits and vegetables actually taste better. Tree spikes and water-soluble fertilizers force-feed trees and cause them to grow quickly which in the long run can be detrimental to their health.


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