Zamzows Pepper Popper 16 OZ
Zamzows Pepper Popper 16 OZ

Zamzows Pepper Popper 16 OZ


Product Information

Zamzows Pepper Popper 16 OZ - The Ultimate Pepper Fertilizer for Bountiful Harvests!

Are you a passionate pepper grower seeking exceptional yields, unparalleled flavor, and radiant heat? Look no further! Zamzows Pepper Popper is the game-changing pepper plant supplement you've been waiting for. Developed in 2012 and trusted by countless customers, this fertilizer guarantees AMAZING RESULTS, elevating your pepper-growing experience to new heights. 

Unlock the full potential of your peppers with Zamzows Pepper Popper. Specially formulated to provide your plants with everything they need for healthy growth, abundant blooms, and bigger, tastier fruits, this incredible fertilizer is a must-have for all garden enthusiasts. Made in the USA, Zamzows Pepper Popper delivers superior quality and performance.

What sets Zamzows Pepper Popper apart? It's the secret behind Idaho's thriving pepper crops. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Idaho landscape, Zamzows understands the unique requirements of pepper plants and has harnessed the power of this extraordinary region to develop a fertilizer that guarantees exceptional results.

Harnessing the natural benefits of Idaho's pristine environment, Zamzows Pepper Popper contains a proprietary extract of seaweed and sea minerals. These organic ingredients are carefully selected to provide your peppers with essential nutrients, trace minerals, and growth-promoting compounds. Watch in awe as your peppers flourish under the nourishing influence of this remarkable fertilizer.

Applying Zamzows Pepper Popper is a breeze. Simply spray the foliage to the point of runoff every 10 days throughout the growing season, and witness the transformative effects firsthand. With Zamzows Pepper Popper, you can be confident that you're giving your peppers the optimal care they deserve.

When used in conjunction with Zamzows Pepper Popper, Zamzows Thrive fertilizer creates a synergistic effect that maximizes the potential of your plants. While Pepper Popper focuses on meeting the specific needs of peppers, Zamzows Thrive fertilizer nourishes the soil, making it a versatile choice for all your gardening endeavors.

Where can you find this incredible product? Zamzows Pepper Popper is available exclusively at all 13 Zamzows garden centers, including our conveniently located Nampa, Boise, and Meridian locations. We take pride in offering our customers the best products for their gardening needs, and Zamzows Pepper Popper is no exception.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your pepper-growing experience. Unleash the full potential of your pepper plants with Zamzows Pepper Popper and witness astonishing results for yourself. Order now and elevate your garden to new heights of success!

Active ingredients
Proprietary extract of seaweed and sea minerals 3%
Total other inactive ingredients...97%

You have Jim Zamzow's word on it: Pepper Popper was specially formulated for ensuring success in growing all varieties of peppers. Our alkaline soils present several challenges to growing peppers. Our proprietary formula lets you succeed where others fail or your money back!

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Kelly S.
Pepper Popper - Zamzows

When a product really works it’s so refreshing! Our pepper plants (and we are pepper people!) yielded so many more crops and size. Our friend from Denver sent it to us and we couldn’t believe how it worked. I ordered another for my pepper loving boyfriends Xmas stocking.