Fertilome Neem Insecticide, Fungicide & Miticide Ready to Use 32 OZ
Fertilome Neem Insecticide, Fungicide & Miticide Ready to Use 32 OZ

Fertilome Neem Insecticide, Fungicide & Miticide Ready to Use 32 OZ

Product Information

Fertilome NEEM RTU Organic Insecticide, Fungicide, and Miticide - Your Garden's Best Friend! Are you searching for a safe and effective solution to protect your fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, spices, roses, houseplants, flowers, and shrubs from pesky insects and troublesome diseases? Look no further than Fertilome NEEM RTU, the trusted brand available at all 13 Zamzows locations, including Boise, Nampa, and Meridian.

With its powerful formulation of Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil, Fertilome NEEM RTU is designed to control a wide range of insects, ensuring your garden thrives without the nuisance of aphids, spider mites, scale, mealybugs, whiteflies, beetles, loopers, leafminers, leafrollers, armyworms, webworms, weevils, tent caterpillars, fungus gnats, and more. Say goodbye to those unwelcome guests and hello to a healthy, vibrant garden.

Not only does Fertilome NEEM RTU combat insects, but it also takes care of various diseases that can mar the beauty of your plants. Leaf spot, anthracnose, rust, black spot, brown spot, dollar spot, snow mold, downy mildew, botrytis, needle rust, scab, powdery mildew, flower blight, twig blight, and tip blight stand no chance against the potent formula of NEEM RTU.

One of the greatest advantages of Fertilome NEEM RTU is its organic composition. Made with natural ingredients, it provides a safe and eco-friendly option for gardeners who prioritize sustainability. You can rest easy knowing that your garden is protected without the use of harsh chemicals that could harm beneficial insects or contaminate the soil.

To make your shopping experience even more convenient, Zamzows offers the option to buy Fertilome NEEM RTU online and pick it up at the store nearest to you. So, whether you're in Boise, Nampa, Meridian, or any other location served by Zamzows, you can easily access this exceptional product.

Give your garden the care it deserves with Fertilome NEEM RTU. Discover the perfect balance between effective pest control and environmental consciousness. Create a thriving oasis in your own backyard with the help of this organic insecticide, fungicide, and miticide. Visit your nearest Zamzows location or order online today!

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