A Pup Above Frozen Tukey Pawella 7 LB
A Pup Above Frozen Tukey Pawella 7 LB

A Pup Above Frozen Tukey Pawella 7 LB


Product Information

A Pup Above Frozen Turkey Pawella 7 LB: The Ultimate Canine Delight

At A Pup Above, we're passionate about ensuring that your furry family members enjoy the finest quality dog food, all while contributing to a better world for both humans and pups. That's why our Frozen Turkey Pawella 3 LB is a game-changer in the pet food industry, designed with your pup's health, happiness, and the environment in mind.

Sous-Vide Brilliance:
Our secret sauce lies in the gentle sous-vide cooking method. Unlike traditional 'fresh dog food,' which loses vital nutrients due to high-heat cooking, our carefully crafted Pawella retains all its wholesome goodness. Slow-cooked and evenly prepared, it's a nutrient-rich meal that your pup will adore.

Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability:
We prioritize ethics at every step, from our ingredient selection to the packaging design. All our ingredients are 100% human grade, sourced exclusively from non-GMO produce and meat raised without steroids, antibiotics, and hormones. We even embrace "ugly" produce, recognizing that it's just as nutrient-packed as its more aesthetically pleasing counterparts. Plus, our commitment to sustainability extends to using 100% recyclable packaging, reducing plastic waste in the pet food industry.

Ingredients That Shine:
Pawella is a blend of high-quality, real ingredients that your pup will love. It includes turkey, turkey hearts, turkey livers, turkey gizzards, tomatoes, carrots, turkey bone broth, green peas, rice, turmeric, thyme, parsley, and a balanced mix of essential minerals and vitamins. Your pup's meal is free from artificial additives and filled with the goodness of natural, wholesome ingredients.

Available at Select Zamzows Locations and Online for Local Pick Up:
You can find A Pup Above Frozen Turkey Pawella 7 LB at select Zamzows pet supply stores, your trusted neighborhood dog supply store. For your convenience, you can also order online for local pick up. Please note that we do not offer shipping for this product as it needs to remain frozen to maintain its impeccable quality.

Give your pup the best with A Pup Above Frozen Turkey Pawella, a delicious and nutritious option that will have tails wagging and tastebuds singing. Your pup deserves the very best, and with us, you can make a positive impact on their well-being and the planet. Choose A Pup Above for sous-vide, gently cooked, and frozen dog food that truly stands out.