Pondperfect All Purpose 32 OZ
Pondperfect All Purpose 32 OZ

Pondperfect All Purpose 32 OZ


Product Information

PondPerfect All Purpose 32 OZ

Transform your garden and decorative ponds with PondPerfect All Purpose 32 OZ, specially designed for smaller ponds ranging from 50 gallons to ¼ acre. This live, 100% non-toxic, and natural biological clarifier is perfect for maintaining a clean and healthy pond environment. Available in both quart and gallon sizes, PondPerfect effectively:

- Improves lake and pond water clarity
- Destroys foul odors from farm ponds or lakes
- Eliminates muck or sludge in lakes and ponds
- Cleans and clears up water

The easy 1-step application involves simply pouring the liquid along the perimeter of your pond. The all-natural bacteria will instantly start improving the look and smell of your water. PondPerfect is safe for people, children, livestock, pets, fish, wildlife, and plants, making it a worry-free solution for all pond owners. Proudly made in the USA, PondPerfect guarantees a pristine pond environment without the use of chemicals.

You can find PondPerfect All Purpose 32 OZ at your local Zamzows store, where our knowledgeable staff can assist you with your purchase. For added convenience, order online and choose either in-store pickup or nationwide delivery to get PondPerfect right to your doorstep.