Pondperfect All Purpose 1 GAL
Pondperfect All Purpose 1 GAL

Pondperfect All Purpose 1 GAL


Product Information

Pondperfect All Purpose 1 GAL

PondPerfect All Purpose 1 GAL, the ultimate solution for smaller garden and decorative ponds ranging from 50 gallons up to ¼ acre in size. This live, 100% non-toxic, and natural biological clarifier is meticulously crafted to enhance the clarity and freshness of your pond environment. Simply pour PondPerfect along the pond's edge, and let its all-natural bacteria swiftly begin their work, improving water clarity, eliminating foul odors, and reducing unsightly sludge buildup. Ideal for maintaining ponds up to ¼ acre, PondPerfect ensures crystal-clear water that's safe for all aquatic life and surrounding plants.

Available exclusively at local Zamzows locations, PondPerfect All Purpose 1 GAL can be conveniently purchased online for in-store pickup or nationwide delivery. Whether you're tackling pond maintenance in your backyard or enhancing a community water feature, trust PondPerfect for its effective, eco-friendly formula proudly made in the USA. Transform your pond into a pristine oasis with PondPerfect All Purpose 1 GAL today!

Easy 1-Step Application

Pour liquid PondPerfect along the perimeter of the pond and the all-natural bacteria will instantly get to work improving the look and smell of your pond.

PondPerfect is a biological clarifier that effectively:

  1. Improves lake and pond water clarity
  2. Destroys foul odor from farm ponds or lakes
  3. Eliminates muck or sludge in lakes and ponds