Cat Ware Corrugated Scratch N Bridge


Cat Ware Corrugated Scratch N Bridge: The Ultimate Feline Playground

Unleash your feline friend's curiosity with the Cat Ware Corrugated Scratch N Bridge! Crafted to satisfy your cat's natural instincts, this innovative design combines scratching, playing, and exploring into one captivating experience.

Key Features:
1. Economical & Irresistible Cardboard Construction:
Crafted from premium corrugated cardboard, our Cat Ware Scratch N Bridge offers an eco-friendly and budget-conscious solution for keeping your kitty entertained. Cats are naturally drawn to the texture and feel of corrugate, making it the perfect material for satisfying their scratching desires.
2. Satisfy Scratching Urges with the Slanted Surface:
Designed with a slanted corrugated surface, our Scratch N Bridge provides an ideal outlet for your cat's scratching instincts. Watch as your furry companion joyfully sinks their claws into the textured surface, promoting healthy nail maintenance and reducing unwanted scratching behavior on furniture.
3. Interactive Crinkle Sound Toy:
Beneath the arching bridge, a delightful crinkle-sound toy awaits, adding an element of surprise and playfulness to your cat's exploration. This auditory delight engages your cat's senses and encourages hours of engaging entertainment.
4. Catnip-Compatible for Endless Excitement:
Enhance your cat's experience by adding catnip to the corrugated surface. The irresistible combination of catnip and corrugate will send your feline friend into a frenzy of excitement, ensuring hours of active play.

Ordering Options:
- Local Pick-Up at Select Zamzows Cat Supply Centers:
Experience the convenience of online ordering with the added benefit of local pick-up. Our Cat Ware Corrugated Scratch N Bridge is available for purchase online, and you can collect your order at our dedicated Zamzows cat supply centers in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa. Enjoy a personalized shopping experience while saving on shipping costs.
- Nationwide Delivery:
For those outside our local areas, worry not! We offer nationwide delivery, bringing the joy of the Cat Ware Scratch N Bridge right to your doorstep. Pamper your cat with this enticing playground, no matter where you're located.

Give your beloved cat the gift of endless entertainment and satisfy their natural instincts with the Cat Ware Corrugated Scratch N Bridge. Order now and provide your furry companion with a captivating playtime haven that promotes healthy habits and a whole lot of fun!