Transitioning Between Dog Foods

Transitioning Between Dog Foods

How to Switch Dog Foods

Following the Feeding Guidelines
Zamzows dog food is a calorie dense product and the amount you will need to feed will most likely decrease. The feeding guidelines noted on the back of the bag have been established by researchers to best address your dogs weight and size. Overfeeding is a significant cause of diarrhea and gas. Your dog may appear to be hungry but be assured they are receiving all of the nutrients that their body needs. Overfeeding your dog can contribute to significant health risks which can include joint problems and Diabetes.

Transitioning Your Dog to a New Food
Most dogs will do fine converting immediately over to their new dog food. If you do not have any of your old dog food available, start using the new food as you normally would do when feeding. Be sure to check the feeding guidelines on the back of the bag. If you still have some of your old food available, you can transition to the new food over a several day period. On Day One, feed 75% of your old food and 25% of the new food. On Day Two, feed 50% of your old food and 50% of the new food. On Day Three, feed 25% of your old food and 75% of the new food. On Day Four, feed 100% of the new food.

Things to Watch Out For
Zamzows Grandma Z's™Zs dog foods are calorie dense and very digestible. In most cases, your dog should quickly adjust to their new food with no problems. Some dogs digestive system may take a little longer to adjust to their new food. Transitioning symptoms such as gas and/or loose stools may be experienced. For dogs experiencing loose stools, a tablespoon of cottage cheese can be added to their food. After a week, this addition should no longer be necessary.

We are proud to offer a premium line of dog foods and appreciate the opportunity of being able to provide you with a nutritional product for your dog. Please do not hesitate to contact any of our locations with your questions or concerns. Thank you again for your business.