Controlling Pond Fish Predators

Controlling Pond Fish Predators


You have designed and set up your pond and stocked it with Koi and other pond fish. One of the first problems you will encounter is how to control nuisance wildlife or birds from eating your fish and destroying your pond. The most devastating predators to your fishpond in Idaho will most likely be herons and raccoons.


Raccoons will eat frogs and fish. Raccoons are very common wild animals to find in residential areas. The seemingly never-ending supply of garbage has kept the raccoons and other small animals living happily in human habitats.

Deep ponds or those with steep sides deter raccoons. They will not swim or dive for a meal because they mainly catch animals that they can wade in after. Raccoons also like to wash their meal before they eat it. It is possible that a visiting raccoon is simply washing some food from your trash can in your pond.

Blue Herons

The Blue Heron is probably the worst predator of pond fish. Once they find you, they will most likely return to your pond time and time again. They have very long legs, so they can stand in the middle of most ponds and feast away. Pond fish are easy pickings for herons. The problem with herons is that they are protected by law, so I recommend that you do not kill them. Trapping or killing pond predators are not often desirable but making them feel unwelcome is your best bet.

Traps and Decoys

We offer live animal traps that work well for raccoons, a motion activated sprinkler Scarecrow that works well for both herons and raccoons. Netting and a Heron decoys work well for herons; also we have an all-natural product called Liquid Fence that is Garlic and egg ba